t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

its easier said than done...

whenever i see him appear online, my whole body will kinda vibrate, tingling sensation..

slowly my tears will run down my cheek..


its been weeks already..

its not easy for me, its not easy for the both of us..

i was the strong one back then..

but when im here, it feels like the roles have been reversed..

im such a baby now..

when i see him online i dont even dare to message him sometimes..

cos i know i couldnt take it..

its so much easier consoling people, comforting other people..

but when it comes to your ownself...

you will never apply things you tell others to do..

thanks for those who texted, those who emailed, those who whatsapp etc.. you know who you are.. really appreciate your thoughts and regards.. im fine and i will be fine..

....i just need time...

its easier said than done...


  1. I believe u and him will unite again ...u just need to start having that vision in you ..faster Finish ur study then can decide ur own fate jor ^^

  2. :( hugs... I know exactly how you feel. That's what I feel too right now

  3. nice but sad photo. :(

    time heals all wound, I hope...

  4. *GROUP HUG* hahaha.. its awesome to do a group hug in real life if possible lain kali :)