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Monday, March 19, 2012


sometimes there are questions that are unanswerable...

for example: where do go after we die?

heaven? hell? do they even exist?

sometimes its scary to even try to go there so lets just not go there....

sometimes things around us too that raise questions like that...

why is he treating me like this?

sometimes there is no definite answer...

you wont know... he sometimes dont know.. maybe its his character.. maybe he has personal issues.. maybe he is jealous?..

so if there are questions that are answerable............ we just biarkan...

i like to biarkan a lot of stuffs...

things that are too complicated, i will just biarkan..

sometimes biarkan is a good thing..

but too much of biarkan people might think that you are shallow and dont go deep enough.. not proactive no initiative to handle the stress properly..

so what do you do then?

if you really care about what they say then you try to do it or fix it lor...

if you are a carefree person then you biarkan...

some people take things too seriously.. they say biarkan but after 5 seconds the thought comes back and haunt them..

well.. those people cannot be help de la..

biarkan wont work..

well im not that kinda person la...

random boomz!



  1. aiyoh why need to conform to what people said lah..u boomz in ur own way what?

  2. i'm totally a BIARKAN person!
    cos if not, i will not stand tall and proud saying .. I M VOGIU.
    u ppl disagree? biarkan la.. ada aku kesah? ;p

  3. yup, true enough...unless the other party keep harassing us or making our life miserable, just let it be =D

    but dont simply biarkan every single advice lo..the good one, take it xD