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t u l s

Thursday, March 15, 2012

i was the eye candy?


its good to go town at night..

at least can get to test market! lolllllll

so i was at this sushi joint celebrating a friend's bday and boomz..

was sitting with my friends that i out myself to liao de two bffs so... sitting in front of us like 5 meters away was this angmo chinese gay couple...

my friend nudge me: ei, keep staring at you la...

then i was like: really arr... *look at them*... oh..mai...gosh... yala...

ei.. the chinese dude not bad arr...

wah... the ang mo is so my type la...

ok ok.. dont stare dont stare....

but at that moment my heartbeat beating liao and i feel hot liao as though ada orang sedang memerasan me! lol...

i was like keep having thoughts of threesomes and stuffs and omgosh tak tahan!!

ei.. i scared la...


like threesome and all...

what the fuck........ they dint ever ask you for it...

i know.. but....

i dont know la... i ada je feeling that they will ask for it.. lol like those you see in the movies or porn... lol...

but it was nice la.. i seldom go out to newcastle and explore..

and this is just a coincident anyway...

im too dry liao till my mind is super imaginative la...

i forgotten how is it like to get fucked liao...


this pic was taken teramat sangat cepat so cannot really see cos blur...

oh well....

the chinese guy is super muscular his arms can like lie there and sleep with him...

the ang mo is not my type la sorry... feel like the ang mo is the kebawahan oni....




  1. hmm .. i think u really need to get laid b4 anything worse happen to u...lol ;p
    so best tak, keje paparazzi intai kat orang?
    btw, ur fren wearing tudung or hood huh? lol ;p

    1. she's wearing tudung lah.. can see the tudung style stud there..

    2. its a tudung.. gosh.. i want sex i want sex! but hor... i wont do it la... say only i want but in the end penakut one.. hahahaha...

      threesome to confusing for me.. i cannot do two things at a time! 1 dick also enough liao 2 dicks i cannot handle! lol

  2. u ni terlampau perasaan lah .... maybe they were looking bcoz they tot ur nen nen big

  3. DO U KNOW , CHEN XING SAID THAT HE IS ABOVE 25 , HOW SEXY CAN THAT BE .....a cute persona and mature still.....u semakin kalah

    1. err... you can have him la.. THATS IF he wants you... lol... good luck! :)

  4. threesome okay what.. that's like catching up on the fucking session twofold!

  5. Hohoho!! Your market value always high one la..
    Angmoh also not my type.. -.-"
    Should take clearer picture of the Chinese mah.. Haha

    1. yea lorh..... ask will.i.am teach u some skills and u can start UK celebrities lol!!

    2. Bad lighting! A difficult shot.

    3. Haha everytime I see a hot guy and wanna take a pic, I end up chickening out..

      Coz it's not easy to make it look discreet :P

    4. @Leonut ~ aiya... make me happy one you.. hihiihihi...... fuck la.. make me stim tau that chinese...

      @alex ~ hehe... power la you.. really make him comment in this thread one... privilegenyer ku!! lol...

      @william ~ hm... no la.. my hand shaking la... benci..

      @jboy ~ its difficult la.. i have to hide from my kawan also cannot let her know im not taking her! lolllllllllllllll

  6. looking at people and think about having 3some with them. wow,tuls

    1. i damn kekurangan sex.. its like a medication.. buatku tak waras! lolllllllllll

  7. hahahahha...look like still got value..thought drop a lot ard =P hehehe

    1. i seriously thought no more as well.. hehe... lol

  8. Hmm, indeed the "Ang moh" eyeing at you.

    Anyway, if dry, go sprinkle some water to make it moist again.


  9. lols!!!! perasan lah u tuls....
    btw,if it's truly happen,where will it be? LOL

    1. perasan is my middle name if you dint know! lol... hm.. good question.. of course not my place la.. maybe theirs kot... but if that were to happen pun i takut.. although i orang besar besar tapi my otak kecik kecik emosi ketakutan hanya sekadar itu saje.. lol.. apala merepek semua ni.. lol.. your blog quite clean, i hope no pengacau from my side will come kacau you anytime cos it happens.. lol.. youve been warned! lol... :)