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Friday, March 2, 2012

family vs career?

are you a home person or do you put career ahead of you?

to some, family is everything.. people can skype with their family members for hours everyday and i was like: wtf do you talk everyday?

they can get really attached at times and sometimes even like abandoning friends just to skype with them..

some of my friends was like saying: i will go home after graduating...

at first(6 months ago) i was like having that rolleye emotion...

but now to think of it... hm... (considering....)


i was brought up differently.. money was everything for me..

basically no money no life kinda thing..

i was quite money minded then which is unavoidable cos of circumstances...

have to think of what can i do and what cant i do everyday..

ie. cut down anything that needs money.. so basically i will only do whats necessary and not something that i want...

food wise ive been sticking to white rice with any meat and vege so those "zak fan" or economical rice had been a staple meal for maybe all my life... haha... yup... all my life...

i never cook at home cos the kitchen never function properly so usually everyday will tapau..

luckily i love rice and i wont complain la.. im not that picky with malaysian food la..

the reason of not eating snacks, sweets etc are still partly cos of this..

i dont eat pizzas as well, to me its just bread with stuffs on it that i can make at home.. pizzas was quite expensive to eat out..

my clothes was always 1 or 2 size bigger so i can wear it for years and its actually quite comfy now to think of it.. the shirt sampai berlubang one so thin that any pressure on it can tear those kinda t shirts are so so so comfy to wear... lol...

to pass time luckily i still have something thats free.. my voice :)

seldom celebrate birthdays not till i was 16.. those mothers day fathers day parents birthday are just like any other day to me..


when i heard of some job thing a friend was applying to do in holiday villa as those banquet waiter kinda thing, i went and apply too! i went sheraton instead! hahahaha... and so then onwards i started working la.. i was 16 then..

slowly slowly after SPM i started working fulltime.. earning like RM2000++ most of the months with commission can go up to 2.5K and then a different side of me surfaced...


i shall call it the generous phase la..

i started having fastfood everyday for lunch... things that i never indulge much i was starting to make it my staple meal.. McDs for lunch and KFC for dinner kinda thing.. hahah... 2K then for me was quite a lot la... little little things make me happy very much..

remember when i got my first pay i gave my immediate family everyone RM50.. lol.. dad, mum, bro, grandpa and grandma.. then i bought my mum a pair of gold earrings from poh kong.. now to think of it i miss my mum... hm..


i would belanja my kawans at times..

basically generous la..

then at that moment also i started my first relationship with my first ex and he was quite lucky la to be honest.. cos....................    nvm...


that thought still stuck to me till now...

like, what will i do next, what can i do next... should i work overseas in the future? or work back in malaysia after graduating?

yes to me die die also money will be priority number 1, i can fight bermati-matian with whoever is against me saying that money is nothing.. those who are born in a rich family cannot say anything la.. that one is their luck la.. anyway...

6 months ago i was really like have that thought tattoo-ed in my brain: must work overseas but now think think think...

dowana make it corny saying home is where the heart is, we feel with our brain so heart is kinda too lame liao... anyway... wanna say like, maybe i would wanna return home...


money is everything but where does family stand?

sometimes i thought that i dont miss my mum but.. haha.. cant fool my brain la... distance proves everything...


im tearing while writing this pun...

dont know why tibe tibe wanna write about this pun...

oh well...


what about you leh?

family first? or career? 
hectic and stress,


  1. That's a lot of memories in one single post ^^

    it will always be family first to me but it doesnt mean i wont take the chance to work oversea, maybe for couple of years. i need the distance to remind me how important family is to me :)

    nys, dont get too emo in this hectic month *muacks* :)

  2. why you can tear anyhow you like one tsk! :(

    oh gosh.. similar la!!
    - We dont celebrate bday, but my mum used to cook mee sua with egg for us. Now she is too lazy and cant be bothered LOL. Im the one who would buy a cake for anyone's bday.
    - Clothes also mostly given by ppl, and i love old clothes.
    - my bro and I brought bread to sch everyday since kindergarten till sec sch.
    - But one thing is my mum will try to make sure we eat proper food.

    I think I am a workaholic, but family always goes first. So yea, for now, don't think I will stay here. XD

  3. Hey Tuls! Put it this way... Money will be there for you all the time... Up until it runs out! Family on the other hand will always be there for you - unconditionally. Right?

    In terms of family and career, there is no right answer, you just need to find the right balance la.

  4. i will 'say' family comes 1st ( buat tak buat lain cerite ;p )
    no matter u r working overseas or locally.. u know u'll still have a place to come back.. and they will always welcome u :)
    cheers :)

  5. definitely career for me. and you know why.

  6. Friends and family always come first. Work comes very very very much later :P

  7. hmmm you can still make money even if you work locally here right? then you can have family and money loh haha!

    working overseas maybe got better opportunities and pay etc, but gotta take into account cost of living there too. not to mention missing everyone at home... and the yummy food here haha! :)

    Family should come first... coz even if you have an amazing career with lots of $$$, but with no family to share it with... still feels empty rite :)

  8. :) thanks everybody thanks! :)

  9. family for me ^_^v

    *HUGS* cepat come back la~~~~ LoL!

  10. work for like a couple years ovc then come back lah... i'm pretty sure ur cv will be impressive that time..