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Sunday, February 10, 2013

CNY so not... lol.. and preparation to meet the Clique!

so this years celebration is kinda not hot at all! lol..

not to say last year's is any better cos in Ang Mo land the atmosphere tak la boomz at all.. no holiday no ang anywhere.. its just dull plain cold cb shit... lol

and what makes things worse is that i need to work! :) lol... tuls, think of the money tuls!! okok!! you cannot be angry cos you are YOUNG N CUTE!!

i made Tiramisu on Thursday night, non alcoholic of course and went to his place without him knowing at 11pm at night and woke him up from bed! hahahaha.. he was quite shock that i went and was really glad that i was there and so was I.. I went cos friday no class and also its my first time making dessert..

from his expression i can see that he amat suka it and like he said that its his first homemade dessert that someone actually made for him.. hehe... so plus point for me! *TING*

he just fetch me home and i was there since thursday night and boy oh boy sex was on the to do list like twice a day kinda thing until my balls is now invisible as it is so empty it flattens! Lolllllll kidding! hahahah....

being around Keith is amatla comfortable and like.. hm... (we shall continue this feeling thing on another post)...

what i wanna say today is he just throw the bomb at me saying that his close friends wants to meet me this upcoming weekend!


why didnt you tell me earlier?

well..... they texted me like just an hour ago..

oh my.. really? oh my oh my... erm.... ermm... ok... do you think i should cut my hair?

erm.... weli think i should cut my hair.....

if you say so... =.=means you fucking want me to cut my hair... WELL i didnt say a thingbut your expression says it all you bast................urgh!!!

omgosh...omgomgomg... are you serious?

yea.. ok okokokok.. im gonna go cut tomorrow after getting my hep B jab.. wokay!!

so yup, next week is like meeting the family kinda thing omgosh.. and they are all around his age and like i feel like im gonna get interogated and all and like...

oh my....

what should i wear? how should my hair be styled? oh my... i cant breathe! lol hahahahahaha.... ive got a raised blood pressure and pulse and all those shit now adrenaline is pumping like cb... urghhhhh...


  1. his turn for interogation will come!!

    be careful though =/

    1. hahhaahahhahahahaha... lolllll... *hugs*

  2. haha you should do just fine! Just be yourself and not try too hard to please :P

    Keith will be by your side ma haha... Ohhhh and remember to breathe hehe :P

    Good times <3

    1. of course i'll be fine, i young and cute ma! duh!!! *comb hair to the left* i saje drama abit nia.. lolllllll hahahaha.. but of course, when it comes to the real night, anything could happen ellie golding ok! :)

  3. Wah... Meeting the family... I mean friends! That's a big thing. You are always so boomz... You said so... I'm sure everyone will be boomz by your hair flipping thingy. Better yet, maybe you shouldn't do the hair flipping and fingers clicking thingy. Argh... Just be yourself. Lol...

    Gong Xi Gong Xi again. It's still CNY! (:

    1. hahahahaha.. i will be myself one, its so hard to control ok, i got no time to do that! sometimes i use malaysian english with Keith too but i will have to explain what are all the la and ma-s mean la.. lol..

      and gong xi gong xi to you too one! :)

  4. just be urself .. m sure they'll like u .. unless they got no taste...hahahhaa ;p

    1. danny danny, why you look so high on me one? i taste good one arr? how you know one arr? hihihihihihi... *blush shy laugh*

    2. how can i dun look high on u? u 180cm+ .. i only 165cm .. ;p

  5. Young and cute huh??? I smells a little lies going on there... ;P
    Anyway, missed you so much!! Happy Belated CNY okay! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!