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Monday, February 18, 2013

meet the friends... Part 1 : Before the nightout..

so saturday night Keith was like the responsible driver for the night and he picked up his two bestie(which is a couple) and off we went to the city..

but before that we went in to their place for a drink first cos one of them brought their dog out for a walk..

lol.. so when he parked the car liao he just walk into their house and the angmos are like dont really lock their house doors one lor so siao one.. "safe" neighbourhood kononnye..

his bestie lets name them Tom and Jerry la ok.. Tom was out with the dog and Jerry was at home waiting for us..

so as we walk into his living room, he came and greet us and gave me a hug..

omgucci he is the young and cutest youthfullest 40+ year old guy ive ever met!  he is half asian and maybe cos of that he looks young la.. we asians got the youthful gene ok *flip hair*...

after a few minutes of mingling..

Jerry, how young are you?

young? O.O im 42..

oh my go......d, are you serious? 
you look 24!!

wa.....thanks! haha.. 

i think he damn kembang for the night after that statement edi..... but he does really look young!! and he is mix hongkie and angmo,  so hot and like omgucci, too bad he is taken and he is keith's bestie! hahahaha.. i know, im such a slut, you know a lot of cases of sleeping with bf's best friends kinda thing? hehe, for my case, it wont happen dont worry!! hahaha... :p

anyway.. Tom came back from dog walking and Jerry was kinda worried and like asked

erm, wait, are you ok with dogs?

well yea..

are you muslim like?

-.-(i felt the sweatness in my brain la but i didnt express it out), haha.. noooooo..... no.. hahaha..

and then I looked at Keith and ask him well will it be different if I was muslim?

then he smiled and said to me: no, im an atheist, are you ok with that? err... im ok with anything as long as youre not too religious! lol... but if im muslim, then i cant cook all the nice bak kut teh and all the double braised pork and all for you(in an act cute tone).. then he pop his eyes with that silly smirk and raised both of his shoulders... haha.. feel like slapping him...

and then they started to ask me about how Keith and I met and progress and like those kinda stuffs la before we head off to the City..

to be continued...


  1. 42 look like 24?! I must have his secret.

    1. too bad his name is not victoria.. :) youre not even 30 william.. dont worry so much first ok! :)

  2. "are you muslim like?"

    why? u went with tudung issit? or sengaja paki baju kebaya, saja nak promote Malaysian culture, also to menampakkan badan yang langsing? ;p

    1. hahahahha..

      i think he asked me that cos keith told him im from malaysia... Malay-sia the word malay also kinda try to suggest that i might be malay dah la i kayu hitam manis colour one.. hahahahahahahaha....

  3. "i think he damn kembang for the night after that statement edi....."

    What thing "kembang" that night ? Hope is that one...

    1. i dont know he that one kembang or not, actually im quite curious leh.. hahahaha.. ive tried a spanish chinese, ok ok only la the kuku... british chinese mix i belum try/seen leh.. maybe i will find out one day! lollllllll