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Monday, February 25, 2013

taking the tiramisu credit...

the dinner i made for him on saturday night was too delicious and too much cos of the cheap promotion kat tesco, i bought 2 packets of brussel sprouts, 1 pack of mixed vege and 1 packet of bean sprouts all for 1 pound altogether, we couldnt believe the cheapivity of it and like i cooked the whole lot as though we are some cow drinking vege for dinner like that..

made chilli pork with spring onion and also chicken essence rice.. the rice wasnt too much but the vege stuffed us both!

in the end, the tiramisu that was for dessert that night was not touched at all..

after that got intense exercise and all got hungry and everything but we didnt wanna brush gigi again so we just drop the idea of eating.. lol..

the next day cos i have to work and we usually have our weekly sunday lunch near the beach one so we didnt touch that whole kotak of tiramisu omgucci...

fine la..

before we left i took 3 scoops la say wanna try and all scare no nice but mana tau turns out ok la, have to put more coffee rum..

so anyway.. this conversation took place as he was sending me back after lunch..

so, youre going to mums later right? (he usually goes to his mum for dinner every sunday)

yup yup, as usual..

well, why not you bring the tiramisu over?

hm... i have to find a container...

why cant you just use the ori one?

cos its not presentable...

-.- seriously?

well........... maybe i will just do that, family doesnt mind anyway..


so so so so, what if your mum asks you who made it, what will you say?

well, im just gonna tell her the truth!

what? youre gonna tell her that it was me?

well, no, im gonna say that i made it!

=.= she knows you enough to know that youre a kitchen noob, she wont buy it...

well, mother trusts me most!

=.= fine...

so the night went by... they had dinner and MY pudding and Keith texts me..

mother loves the pudding!



so................did she asks you where did it appear from?!

yup, i told her it was leftovers from a house warming..

=.= right.................




  1. Replies
    1. oh alex, i miss you! :) feels like just yesterday that we were double dating.. all the gossips, drama, and makan makan.... :) oh welllllllllll.....................

  2. What is a chicken essence rice? How do you make it?!! Sounds very 'poh' for body... Lol

    1. hahahahah.. chicken essence rice is chicken rice ba lucci. Steam the whole ayam kan? the ayam will release the juice and you collect it and you boil fragrant rice with the juice, damn hiong one. i add in a few clove of garlic and slices of ginger for taste. here no pandan, if got maybe i might put in too! :)

    2. Just steam the whole chicken in a bowl? Then what happened to the chicken? Wouldn't it be very bland to eat? @_@