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Thursday, February 21, 2013

meet the friends... Part 2 : Gay pub crawl...

so we reach Newcastle city centre in no time.. this is my first time exploring that side of town and also the scene..

the first place we went into was a lesbo pub, not very crowded, not noisy, good to chat and stuffs.. and it is where he showed me his clique, well, more like Tom and Jerry's as Keith is closer to TnJ, the rest are just like drink buddies kinda thing..

so in that group there were about 10 of them including me and obviously im the youngest, next one up will be about 35 years of age all the way till about 50yo? haha... and most of them are daddy-ish figure, some muscular, some scruffy.. tattoos and piercings are a common thing around..

so he introduced me to the group and i was like ok.. after vaguely knowing each and everyone's name i went to the bar to get a breather.. haha.. i feel so out of place, i mean, like im so much younger and like wow..

Keith walk to me and asked what i wanted to drink.. haha.. that sweetie..

mm.. i like sweet stuffs, no beer or cider please..


o.O what? no... Smirnoff Ice please!

O.O what? i thought you dont drink?!

well, i dont! duh!!! but this is like once in a blue moon thing! 

haha.. you sure?! 

yea... what are you having?

coke! im driving remember?!

so responsible!! *grab his waist and gave a good squeeze*

the first pub was still like ice breaking thing and the atmosphere to me is quite tense as i was like a new member of that aged groupy! haha...

i drank half way and they are crawling to another pub and Keith wasted no time and pop my bottle into his pocket and cover it with his sweater :)

what are you doing?

youre not gonna finish that arent you?

haha.. nope.. come on.. we are heading to the next pub.. they wont let you bring bottles in and out of the pub!

oh.. ok...

and off we went to the next one... bigger than Marketplace.. we were hanging about the upper tier and like im getting more comfy with the group.. started to talk with the others other than the usual Tom and Jerry...

there are so many hunky shirtless dudes carrying bottle of wines, vodka and champagne walking around trying to sell em..

Tom was tipsy by then and was like: hey you, show me your dick and I'll buy whatever youre selling!

that guy just smiled and walk away.. hahaha... super LOL moment...

i finish my bottle and off we went to the next pub.. hehe..

this one has an unoccupied dancefloor and i was like kinda itchy... dah la i didnt slut dance for like 2 years? hahahahaha.. and no one here in the group seen me dance before, not even Keith!

Honey, you want anything to drink?

yes please..

same thing?

no no.. Blue Wicked thanks! :)

o.O cool...

i saw Jerry slowly moving towards the dancefloor platform and was like just swaying beside it.. i took my drink and walk towards Jerry while pulling Keith along..

the slutty me want to go up so badly and cos the song was so boomz i cannot tahan and i was like pushing Jerry up stage kinda thing.. and he just looked at me and smile, nodding his head twice while clenching his upper teeth with his lower lips, asking me to join him.. hahaha... i was like ... err.. i looked at Keith and gave him a smile and my drink and i followed Jerry up stage..

the tranny DJ was like so boomz she gave us a formal introduction and say that this was a dance off!

omgoshhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! hahahaha...

so funneh!!!!! so Jerry started la kan.. he is really one of the hottest aged mixed dude daddyish figure ive seen around and like omgosh he makes me blush.. and when he finished doing his thang I did what i knew best, i drop it like its hot! hahahahahaha... i think Keith wasnt expecting anything at all cos like im so tame at home, he never knew i could slut dance! hahahaha...

to cut things short I won la kan and both of us got like 2 shots of some disgusting medicine smelling thing.. i gave mine to Tom, Jerry gave Tom his as well! lolllll.. when i went down stage Keith gave me a hug and we kissed.. haha.. ok la, that was the first kiss in public la and it felt good and natural..

Jerry was so hyped with the whole situation he didnt wanna let me go at all, he went up to the DJ and the next thing i know Gangnam style was on! and he pointed at me asking me to go up !!! hahah..

how did he know!??? i practised a bit of gangnam at home before and like omgoshhhhh.. it was so so so so hillarious.. quite potong stim la half way cos everyone is just looking at me and me dancing alone and i just went down after finishing one verse and one chorus! lol.. everyone clapped and like someone even recorded and said that he will youtube-kan it. -.- i told him not to but like omgosh... hopefully nothing will happen la k... i dowana be aired, so obvious its a gay club, tidakkkkkkkkkkkkk! lol..

after that Keith grab hold of me even more and it felt good..

i mean like, as compared to the first pub and stuffs, we were closer now, not to say i kept a distance or what but like i dowana be labelled as clingy or what.. haha.. and im kinda hinting to his clique that yes i am here, but he is still yours and dont change yourselves when im around cos im not a clingy shit. lol...

anyway... i had fun la...

to be continued...


  1. So nice!! Glad that you slowly becoming one of them ; )

    1. -.- hhahhhhahaha.. im not becoming one of them.. im still me! :) hahahah

  2. How was Keith's respond after that? lol~

    The other side of you eh...

    1. hahahaha.. i dont know.. didnt really ask him about it.. oooo... maybe he secretly fantasizes me dancing dirty in our bedroom ? o.O ahahahahahahhha

  3. Wow sounds like such a different and new experience!

    Dancing on stage sounds crazy scary.. but when many of them are drunk I guess it's less intimidating hahahaha :P

    1. hahahahahahaha... well.. not about that la ba.. dulu i kat MP pun ada golek here and there so its no difference ba :) hahahahahahaha