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Saturday, February 23, 2013

meet the friends... Part 3 : "VIP area"

so the last pub we went to omgosh it was quite different like cos after entering, i felt like i was some new meat like that..

the pub is generally dark and the lights come only from the bar..

90% of the patrons there are daddys, all shapes and sizes and like omgosh can you imagine the number of eyes that was directly trying to shock me inside out!! hhahahahaha...

i grab hold of Keith even more.. lol

there are 2 hanging TVs, one with pictures of guys with extremely big dicks changing every 8 seconds.. -.- and the other one is playing some news shit... lol..

i was so eager to bump into someone i knew or met before that night and I finally found one! lol.. he was the bartender there, spanish dude that i was quite keen to meet up but the day that i finally wanna meet, Keith popped the question so the meet never came and like.. haha.. well, we shall not explore the unthinkable! :)

i knew he was working in one of the gay pub around here but i didnt know it was this one.. haha.. oh well.. i cut my hair already and he probably didnt recognize me anyway, lol, not that i gatal or what la.. hahahaha...

anyway... whats interesting about this pub is that there's this stairs that leads to a lower level.. and a big sign VIP AREA was displayed by the stairs..

i was curious so i asked Keith about it la kan..

Babe, whats that?

its a place where Tom loves to go...


(suddenly lots of people starts talking about it)

oh... you dowana go there like...

there are cages down there.. all the dirty things you can think of happens down there..

haha.. really? babe have you been down there like? 

well, i think everyone has... :) but that was like years ago...

ooo..... suddenly i feel so interested going down...

Keith, bring him down, dont get lost down there ok!!

i will try.. 

Tom, come on...

so.. basically there are 2 metal cages at that floor, a "toilet" and also a "maze" underneath the stairs..

interesting!! whats inside?

well, thats the toilet where everything happens.. people get sucked off and everything..


o.O how bout there? 

you'll get lost in it cos it is pitch black and basically you will get molested and you know... 

hahaha...ok, this is creepy, lets go up! 

i didnt even dare to go any further cos there's a stench of pee and like i just feel so chlamydia all over again! hahahahaha.. so off we went back up!!

anyway, it was almost 1am and like not sure why but Keith wants to go back already and I was quite shocked.. haha.. cos usually they(without me) will hang around till bout 3.. Keith told them it was way pass my bed time.. MY bed time! hahahahahah.. so cute! lol.. maybe he just wanna cuddle me back home in our comfy bed.. lol..

Tom and Jerry, of course they were not finish and so we kinda left them, they'll go back by cab i think.. or maybe someone else will give them a lift la..

well generally it was a fun night la, started off quite awkward but slowly slowly dapatla mingle about and the ice melted and like it was good la..

this kinda pub crawl will be a monthly thing for me i think now that im "introduced" to the "friends".. hahaha...

anyway i made lovely(perasan) Tiramisu for Keith, next time siapa datang UK see me i'll make for them too! :)

btw i havent sprinkle cocoa powder kat atas cos will do it when we wanna eat later.. after dinner.. :)


  1. Damn scary sia the maze!

    Aww you are so sweet. So does that mean that I will get nothing when I visit you? lol

    1. hahahahaha... nola, you will also get one.. sure will give one!! i very good one leh.. lol

  2. Maze..hmm..interesting yet dangerous ; )

    Can mail the Tiramisu to me? LOLL

    1. hahahahaha.. kan?

      mail? by the time reach also rosak liao lo!

  3. my god, difference btw 2 countries, LOL

    1. msia also got sauna thing one ma, just that this one pub nia.. lol