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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Frankie is here to stay..

so after patiently waited for a day, he finally texted me..

it was killing me to a point waiting for his text that i kinda lost it.. i self induced emo by listening to emo songs all morning yesterday..

well, the texts was kinda disconnected here and there so... I'm really not sure whether he isn't into texting or he is really occupied..

anyway, he texted me this morning saying that he isn't gonna take up that offer to go abroad.. ... all i can answer was: ok...

he then asked me: are you happy?

well i replied saying i am happy but to be honest I'm really numb.. numb cos of his disjointed messages.. i feel like I'm not very important kinda thing.. the thing with the technology now is that you will know whether the other person has seen your message already but decide not to reply you -.-

that kinda irks me even more...

i think i should resolve to emails la at least i can anticipate a mail and not really care when he reads it.. urgh..

that aside, I'm kinda glad that he is staying.. in a way.

and the text thing, maybe I'm just too sensitive la kan.. haha.. lol

back to work tomorrow peeps!! urgh... have a new week ahead loves!!

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