t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, November 24, 2013

say something im giving up on you...

i dont really know what i want..

how long will i have being here is still a mystery... i wanna stay but is it even possible?

he on the other hand wants to go to some asian country so badly... and if not, he will wanna go Paris...   .

say something by a great big world is on repeat for the whole night...

it doesnt feel right..

nothing feels right right now...

i dont think im fit to be in a relationship now..

well, not until im stable down at a place...

that being said, how would i know i wont here?


anyhow, Frankie doesnt seem to fit the pic well anyway...

i gave up texting him..

its been two days and i dowana be the one who is always initiating a conversation.... the last thing that went thru 2 days ago were

hey, youve been quiet today..

yea, im sorry, been busy this week...

yea.. i dont really wanna hear bullshit...

just a text..

doesnt really take you 2 secs

say something im giving up on you...


  1. Things will get better soon! Just hang on there. =)

  2. hey tuls, its me. =3
    finally started easing myself back in, looks like a lot of things has happened even with bear's updates.
    hope everything will b well for you, i hope i can see u soon some day =/

  3. Life moves on my friend. Take care of yourself, otherwise no one will. Be strong. If you need someone badly there, hold on, be patient, someone will be there soon. Divert your attention to something else, your hobbies. Do some charity stuffs. I duno. Cheers bro!