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Sunday, November 2, 2014

searching for sex is harder than having sex..

searching for sex in Malaysia is more tiring than having sex.. by the time you found someone to have sex with youre already exhausted and say goodnight and goodbye..

malaysians have changed over the years..

gone are the days where you just say hello wanna meet up? then you really meet up and have fun.

now, you will need to show at least 3 face pics, then 3 body pics, then one dick pic and then a butt pic, if not clear then have to resend, then some want butthole pic, then some want a few dick pics -.-


its so funny.

the tuls me will just need one dick pic, so easy kan? no fuss.. lol.. 

anyway, i realize one thing about malaysians, a lot of them are very clingy, and they cant really separate sex and feelings. In my opinion that is really a good thing, but not for those who wants just a quickie.

you dont really see these kinda situation much in the UK. the whites are very straightforward, sex means sex, no feelings attached whatsoever. its not like it doesnt exist, its just less, much lesser. 

i remember back in the days where i usually hunt for straight guys in dating websites who just wanna fuck guys. those are just pure pleasure for me. no fuss, no strings, and most straight guys are hot! they just fuck and go. nice if you want a quick release. lol.

how "straight" are these guys, i dont know la, but as long as it does the job, why not!?

tuls just deleted all his sex apps already O.O

o M G!!!! why? hehehehe.... maybe he feels like he found the ONE d? lol

anyway, those of you who are still playing around in the scene, just be more careful la k, i was doing my free full blood check up in GH the other day and was chatting to this hot sexy doctor and he said that there are A LOT OF UNDIAGNOSED HIV CASES out there.

just imagine those irresponsible people not taking care of themselves properly and not take the right precautions while having sex makes me so furious and scared at the same time.

hm... anyway.. play safe la.. xoxo


  1. u did? u have a lot to update me

    1. hahahahaha.. i know! we have to meeeeet! :)

  2. i wonder what is the website for straight guys... hehe

    1. hhahahahaha... if you want then you email me la babe! iwasaslut@gmail.com

  3. gosh, your blog entries are always entertaining, never fails to make me laugh, haha...

    ok, now a short comment from this old guy.... i guess maybe it isn't about Malaysia or UK, i mean, not all guys are the same, i am sure you know that, different guys have different thinking, some might think sex as a mere physical bonding, while others believe it's something beyond, like you know, there's a difference between lust and love making, some grew up believing in true love, all those fairy tales etc, so yah, guess that's the reason you're having a hard time trying to find someone for *ahem ahem*, haha...

    maybe you should just wait, after all you're young, have faith in love, just wait for that right guy to come into your life, and then, you don't need to worry about having fun, hehehe...

    take care and bless it be

    1. :)

      yes brada..

      ei... if i got chance i would leave the country.. haha.. im selfish in a way i would think for myself above everyone else and of course my family is very supportive of my every decision so in a way it would be easier for me to decide what to do i guess.. leaving doesnt mean you dont love your family anymore anyway, leaving is kinda giving yourself a second chance to experience life i guess.. lol... hahaha.. i dont know.. maybe im crapping....

    2. dei thambi, haha, nope, you're not crapping, what you said is true, and no, it's not selfish, i guess when you get older you will understand, definitely the freedom is there once you leave to venture the world on your own, but as time goes by, you will miss a lot of things, i am sure you might have experienced it yourself when you're in UK, i mean, you might say you like it there more, you have the freedom being yourself, there's no taboo, people won't look at you like something "abnormal" for your sexual orientation, and they will accept you for who you're, but reality is, life isn't about people accepting who you're alone, the freedom you will have there, life's more than that, life can be simple, at the same time it can be complicated, but one thing for sure, no matter where you may roam, there's just no place like home...

      besides, boleh ke u dapat nasi lemak authentic kat UK ? hahaha

  4. True that, true that... Trying to get sex on apps here is just too time consuming >.<''

    1. your body not hot enough *ignored*

      your dick not big enough *blocked*

      your face cannot make it *blocked*

      hi *ignore*


    2. same concepts 4 all gay apps.. =(

  5. it is very true indeed.
    I was once asked if my dick is uncut. Fucking absurd i have to say.
    I'm just so tired asking through the apps already.
    They are now exactly what u are describing now. Very demanding.

    1. hahahahahahhahaa.... so what are you gonna do wor? dowana search anymore? lol... find a bf? where you wanna find? lol

      sex wanna know cut or uncut meh? lol.. if uncut, no smell then sex lor, if uncut and smelly then wrap condom and sex lor, unless ask him go wash first la but damn potong d! lol

    2. haha.. just tell him u r uncut & always wash it..
      sure no smell =)
      i luv both cut & uncut ..

    3. i memang uncut and always wash one, cos i wanna be forever ready to be blown anytime anywhere! lol