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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hottie search me up on grindr!!

i entered a train today and i was looking for a seat and there was a table seat, two on each side of the table facing each other and there was only one guy seating towards the direction of the travel. i walked over, smiled and ooooh, he was cute, i smiled and sat next to him cos it would be awkward to sit opposite him cos i will be in his face for the next half an hour or so.

anyway,... i sat down. i took out my book from my bag(for those who really know me, they will be shocked to know that i keep a book in my bag hahahahaha) and started reading.

*flips page*

*familiar sound beep*

*realized it was grindr*

seriously, the first beep kinda get to me, i was like thinking to myself where have i heard this sound before and after 1 second i realized it was grindr and O M G that cute guy sitting next to me was GRINDRI-NG!!!!


seriously, i was so amazed at myself for forgetting that noise cos i needed 1 second to register that sound. usually i dont even need grindr to know whether that person is gay or not. anyway, he exudes the straight vibe. lol... mentah mentah i only deleted the app few weeks ago. lol

anyway,... he keeps switching app, i kinda peep over after finishing each page, facebook chat la, whatsapp la, grindr la,...  and he keeps turning his head around.. i think he might be chatting with some other guy on the train or something.

so after flipping 10 pages i kinda took my phone out, i covered my phone with my book and pretended to play with my phone... lol.. i was trying to mess with that guy!!! hahahahah.... and in no time he checked his grindr after seeing my "suspicious" act lol


i think he suspects that I am one the instant he saw me cos of the tshirt im wearing, whats with Gays and hollister and AnF in Malaysia, seriously.. lol....


  1. Are there many Indian guys on Grind'r?

    1. errr... yup i guess, if my memory serves me right.. maybe in the PJ-KL region yes :)

  2. i dunno tht grindr got beep sounds... haha..
    coz my phone always in silent mode =)