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Thursday, November 13, 2014

never smiled this big...

what a way to start the second quarter of my life. thats if i ever lived to 100 years old age. haha. thanks for all the wishes and prayers everybody.

the updates on honeymoon will need to wait cos it aint ended yet.

what name should i give my baby this time round. lets call him Carter.


i think i myself get all these alias mixed up at times. lol. too many to remember. Some of them present in my life for such short period of time that i dont even remember how do they look like already. lol.

anyway Carter and I have known each other since Valentines 2013. It such a coincidence now to think of it. We transitioned from just online buddies, to close friends, then to ex-friends, and now lovers.

We basically know each other inside out, no introduction was needed, i dont really need to hold back or give any first impression whatsoever. he knows me too well, and so do i him.

This is my first ever relationship that starts out as friends, the dating part was skipped and we just jumped straight into the relationship wagon.

i feel so comfortable around carter, i dont have to put up a front, my hand touching my tummy and he could tell whether im hungry or having a tummy ache! lol. ok maybe im not really using the right example but you know what i mean...

we always finish each others sentences and we always jinx each other. we've been best of friends for almost two years and i guess that made the whole relationship even more special.

we know each others deepest darkest secret even before we started this relationship and even with that we still could embrace each other to the fullest..

i told him its the right timing..

its really definitely the right timing..

and somehow me not getting a job in the UK for the time being makes everything possible. i was thinking if i was working right now i wouldnt even have chanced upon him.

i felt quite wasted that i didnt get to stay in the UK but im really glad that it happened that way cos if not, i wouldnt have been with Carter.

Carter and I will be meeting this weekend and we are gonna draft our future together! :)

I cant wait to see him once again.

Well its only been days but........Im going peanuts!!

I've never smiled this big when i realize how i felt for him last week, it was the biggest smile i had that i can think of cos even friends can see it through chats.. i just dont understand how.. lol.. i guess love has a funny way of expressing itself through words.. haha


  1. Wahhh... I read also I smile big big leh. Hahahaha... :D

  2. first of all, weh, ko tau tak, serious giler weh, i tak tau sape u until last night, haha, it's only when i started to read few blog entries from "another" blog, otak i mula suspek, i know i know, kan i dah kata i tua, my brain's CPU processor memang slow macam Blackberry, my gosh, i was so blur sotong, malu giler i, haha, i guess banyak blogger lain dah tau pasal u, and i am the last one to know, but don't worry bro, i will keep it to myself...

    anyway, i am really happy for you, and all i can say is, let your past be your lesson, live the present moment, don't worry about the future, if you think too much about what is going to happen, it will only take away your peace of mind, have faith in time, for time knows what is the best for you, why i say so ? just like what you had mentioned, if you got yourself a job in UK, it wouldn't have happened, so always remember, everything in life, every moment, every second, everything that happens, every person that comes into your life,there is a reason,there is no such thing as coincidence...

    i wish you both a beautiful life ahead =)
    take care and bless it be,


    1. pertamanye, yaallah kenapo bahasa ko kuar? lol. tak la susah sangat nak tau jika anda look deep enough and im not trying to hide it pun. lol. blackberry slow one meh? if you say nokia 3310 then i paham paham la. lol. i baru makan sotong pun this morning with nasi fatty :) if my blogger friends yang kenal i real life, most of them will automatically know one, tak yah i cakap. lol. you kan Virgin, capital V, there are a lot of thing you dah keep to yourself dah, now you kena SHARE.... just tekan butang share! lol... macam i dulu la, share share share semua sekarang dah tutup kilang lol.

      Thanks for your kind words my dear, and im doing those as we speak now, so yea! Muacks!
      God Bless You(omg this is so not me lol),


  3. Seriously kecomelan kau kau.... You're normally already bubbly and happy, but seeing you that day you're really like glowing with joy hahahaha :P

    1. am i? haha..... hahahahaha... ok ok i shall shut up now! :)