t u l s

t u l s

Monday, November 24, 2014

Season of Love....

was talking to an Oddball-blogger today....

him: you noticed something? suddenly all bloggers are like.... "Falling"

me: Falling what? in Love?

yalor, love is in the air...


i think you started it first.. haha...

who who who?

you dont know meh? you went around commenting... ....so far, you, peace..... erm....

jboy? wait.... peace? he and his bee are like dinasours ok -.-

plus i-zach.... musim kot.

now is autumn ok... musim everything dies...

musim hujan ok!

eh, actually quite flattering la if you say i started the musim for everyone... muahahahahahahahahaha....

but seriously, i should kutip komisen for each couple that get together selepas ni within 3 months.. lol... temenggung kononnye... lol

i miss my Carterbaby wor... 

now we are 400km apart, lol, but not for long! :)


  1. you.are.seriously.dangerous....
    next time i should be really careful when i chat with you....
    just kidding, bwahahaha....

    p/s what's with the tag la dei, u wanna make me famous izzit ? ;-p

    1. you damn perasan :p i put conversations down all the time anyway! lol hahahahahah.... if you no like i can delete your name off one... easy peasy!! :) i can even delete this comment of your so you wont have a trace left here :p

  2. Replies
    1. hhahahahahah... on the way kan, this is season ma, not to say you need to have it now, got 3 months for you nah!! :)

  3. omg. i did not okay. it's not yet started yet . llol

    1. hahahahahaha... ok la, your one macam ended jor, never mind la, still got 3 more months ma :) wait lor! :) will come one

  4. musim hujan >> hugs >> musim mengawan..