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Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm Carter's visual WiFi...

so I was having a "normal" conversation with a fellow blogger...

ei, Carter is so big (he is taller than me) you can melt into his arms la..

yalor, somemore Carter "UP" very quick and easy too..

good la, sex make life happy...

yalor.. no need to touch, he see me also UP edi..

wah... like WiFi ah...

right?! i knowwwww!!!

Strong and fast, stable LOL


Line fast makes you happy!

er..... LOL hahahahahahahahahah

Upload Download also happy....


i got one ex, he is like bluetooth one, not stable, and connection not good, so always soft one, and when i horny but he cannot UP, so stress...

o m g.. i know how it feels...

but being a good bf i need to understand also la...

hahaha.. but WiFi not everytime also stable ma... not meh?

sometimes you need to switch the modem off, cos too hot it will make the line slow.....

O M G, REALLY ARR? I DIDNT KNOW LEH... my modem at home 24/7 365days a year on one...

that is why IT server room is air conditioned one...

OMG, ONZ, i will migrate to angmo country!

but seriously, Carter is the first guy who has such reaction towards me. I never had a guy who could get hard by just looking at me, well maybe they didnt let me know, but like, lol, seriously if we hug in public even just for a second you can see his bulge already. lol. Hug any longer than a few second will make him uncomfortable and blush.... hahahaha.. how cute!! and how turned on is that!!! like seriously i feel like im a stimulant... super hotz!! hahahahahahahah.....


  1. Are you sure he allows you to say this to the world? lol Anyways, feel so happy for you two, stay happy~~ =)

    1. SY, I dont think he minds la. Even if he does he wont tell me de. lol. But it is my blog ma, so ...... lol. I dont know la, when you're happy, you share everything, and i guess thats what im doing now lol. If i have to skim through everything i post and think twice before posting something then no point for this blog liao. When you find someone whom you can blog about him, then maybe you will understand :) Im happy for us too. Thanks thanks! :)

  2. i cant even hard lo now... hahahahha

    1. you need a WiFi HOTSPOT! :) i hope you get one in the future! :) hahahahahaha

    2. weh, hot spot is like everywhere @@ now everywhere in KL got hotspot liao... LOL

  3. Replies
    1. this WiFi password only I know wor. and i dont think i can share one. lol. not my kinda thing to share share one. cos i think i is the jeles type one. lol

    2. the password is encrypted, very powerful one... with updated firewall... so you hardly can hack the wifi... LOL

  4. 'longer antenna' will give better wifi strength..
    haha.. but difficult to 'hide' =)

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED5vl6IYto0

      this video may help to speed up your internet speed... never try never know... hahahahaha

  5. A wifi analogy to erection!!! Super awesome!!!