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Friday, March 11, 2016


just found out that a dear friend's mum had passed on...

i don't really know how you feel, and i wont even try to imagine. i do not dare to picture my mum leaving me. it won't be easy for you. it might take some time...... or it might take forever for you to be ok. i dont know what is going on in your mind. i dont know whether has it hit you yet.

sometimes we wish that we could turn back time. i know that this is the time that you would wish for that.

when my granddad left us, it didnt really hit me until a month later. then, my tears were flowing like a broken tap. i was trying to be strong, i was trying to be ok. i smiled and i laughed. i go on living day to day knowing that someone dear to me is gone. never to return. i can only imagine that this hits you 10x or maybe 100x harder than what i had gone through.

i'm here for you.

your bf is there for you.

your friends will try to be there for you if you need them.

i just hope you found a way to cope.

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