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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Carter and vacays...

we are back from our honeymoon and yet we have planned for our next vacation next month! :)

owing to the fact that Carter works abroad, we try to meet up as often as we could... even when Carter is back home, he is still hundreds of miles away from where i live...

when we first got together, Carter gave me a choice, either he gets a place in KL so that we could be closer together.. or like now, we try to meet up as often as possible but like somewhere away from home...

renting a place in KL but not staying in it most of the time seems like a waste no? and so i went for option two..

Ultraman Jino has a one month one state policy thing which he adopt starting this year where he goes off on a vacation to a different state each month! it is looking great so far and i think it is a splendid idea!

Carter and I didn't really plan it but it seems like we are doing a montly vacation thing as well. not as easy as we want to but we are trying our best! and as for now, our vacations are mostly funded by our passive income! :) if income is good, then we will get to vacay longer certain months and maybe stay at fancier places.. well, that's the goal... so... passive income please be good to us!! need to go to guanyinma.com and print out a wealthy spell and chant it every day! lol...

April and May and June are all fully booked and planned out! All of them is either next to lakes or by the sea... This is gonna be great! can't wait!! for those who keep asking me how many off days i have a year, i would say: same as you.


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  1. if i depend on my side income (gigolo) i cant go anywhere... lucky you haha

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