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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

embarrassed grandson...

i went to a different branch outlet to work today. the branch is located in a shopping mall. the shop was full of people when an elderly man walked in..

he was walking up and down looking and browsing... isle to isle, item to item.. with his squinting eyes, he slowly put what he needs into the basket provided..

then came a fine young gentleman, prim and proper, with a slim tie, approaching the old man...

"this is my grandson" the old man proclaimed with a stern voice, making sure those around him knows about it.

when he walked to the cashier, he told the cashier staff the same thing.

when he came up to me to get some advice, he said it again too.

over and over he repeated the same thing to a point where it was kinda annoying..

his grandson, unbothered, was going through some hair products at a side...

i was just observing..... and i wonder, why is he so proud of his grandson? is he the gem of the family? or is it some behavioural condition that made him keep repeating himself?

standing at his grandson's shoes, i wouldve been so embarrassed by my own grandpa keep telling everyone that im his grandson.. maybe not embarrassed... maybe just annoyed?

seeing this old man reminded me of my own grandpa, how he was when he was still here, coping with Alzheimers, i think he wouldve done the same thing too.. if he goes out with me and kept telling everyone that im his grandson, i don't think i will be annoyed, i think i will be proud, feel blessed. like hey, his memory is gone or weak but at least he still remembers me as his grandson!! lol... but yea...

i miss grandpa...

i wonder what is it like over the other side when one has passed...



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