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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

still honeymooning...

hello bloggie. i am still at a tropical island having my morning breakfast with champagne :)

Carter's parents is coming to meet us as we speak. It is nice to spend time with the in laws. Not like we are married or anything. lol. I think this would be the third time going on a trip with Carter's parents. The nice part is his parents are cool, very open minded, very acceptive, easy going. I don't have to hide myself around them. I know im good with parents. lol. Maybe im just good with people in general *flip hair*...

but yea...

i just hope that this vacation doesnt end..

on the bright side we are going on a family trip with his parent next month again. lol. so yea, at least there is something to look forward to. some people hate when their in laws tag along in their vacation. lol. mine are a joy. and they laugh at my jokes! plus point! lol.

ok this is just a short updates. see you guys soon.

axe oh

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