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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear tuls...

What should I do when my ex is my friend's sex buddy and they had been having it almost on a daily basis for the past months..? All three of us are staying together. My friend is in denial about his sexuality and is dating a girl at the same time. I feel like helping him to know what he wants as he is a good friend of mine.


plain disgusting.
Is your contract gonna end? If yes then tahan for awhile more then move out la omgosh. If not then try to move out la.

these kinda of friend no need to help one, cos if he wants help or need help just to kill the curiousity he would have just have sex with your ex once, and know whether he likes it or not, but since now he is over that period and keep doing it basically he is addicted lor... and .... enjoying it lor.. without concerning other peoples feelings which is not a good character lor...

and that is not call friend. that is call cibaimotherfuckersohaimahaichaocibaiassholelanjiaokukupukikunjislutwhore!

nah, learn this word, logest combo ever.

your ex is not seng mok! he is such a slut!! no respect one, ok la, give him benefit of horniness, and for the convenience sake la, but still... oh my gosh...

its so SLUTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

both of them is registered edi, down there.. dont worry la k.. their good bad weighing scale already rosak and cannot balance balik liao dont worry.. sure go down there one..


ok la, what if they really like each other and be together, still!! omgosh!! the number rule is not to date your best friend's ex! got watch mean girls ma? urghhhhhhh!!!

worse than animal...

you can befriend animals like pets etc but if its worse than animal then just forget about it k.. waste energy nia..

ok.. i feel bad la cos i say your ex like that but like oh my gosh... from a third person point of view this is like omg!!!! i feel like strangling something!!! lol

and another thing is, have you move on ma? dont think its so easy since you guys stayed together.. hm... well... then... well its gonna be easier to say than to do it but, try finding someone new, it will be easier to move on, make sure he is your type ok, at least if its rebound, in the long run can become unrebounded one! :)

*exhale deeply*

ok. im fine liao! lollllllll

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