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t u l s

Monday, November 5, 2012

halloween sex part 3...

he came in, took off his shoes, kissing every step of the way, once entered my room, he undressed, and so did i... ...................and so he jump straight into bed.. and i followed..

the end.

ok la...

note to self, dont delay post.. see now want to write have to remember every detail balik...


after that we talked a bit.. here and there... and cos he is bigger in size than me he hugged me like bear hug kinda thing..

jeng jeng jeng..

so comfy la..

i can feel his dick started to erect liao.. hihi.. so cute..

mine was erected long time when his hand are around my chest when he hugged me from behind.. lol..

because he virgin ma.. i dont think he knows what to do or is quite nervous about what to do..

and well, since he is here only to SLEEP, i didnt really bother anyway..

but cos i can feel his ding dong around my cibai pushing and i think he might be ready for it and so i asked:

you sure you wanna do this?

why not..

cos youre a virgin..


you have to give it to someone special like, you dont just do it with anybody...

well i like you..

oh my .... so what? like doesnt mean anything.. and i met you only once...

he got up, spread my legs and dive deep into my ass and that was like the second best rim in my life.. i let him do his thang for a couple of minutes then when i cannot tahan already I went on top of him, and tease his dick with my ass..

i position his dick head at my asshole and just squeeze my ass to let him feel the pressure..

i went on teasing his dick head with my butt cheeks, cos its kinda thick, i kepit his dick with my butt cheeks and just massage and wiggle...

he was so hard already..

i quickly took out a helmet, put it on for him, and coat it with jelly! :)

with me still on top of him, the use his dick to tease my hole to make it as relax as possible and i can see that he is fully feeling it by the sohai face he is putting on.. i grab his lower jaw with my hands, i look him in the eye and i push his dick into me.. can see his eyes like wanna pop out liao..

then i slowly ride him.. such a virgin face la.. although i cant really know whether he virgin or not, got characteristics of one.. lollll... like so noob like that..

i did most of every position  that i know that he could perform, except for the one that he carries me and fuck me on air, maybe cos of my height and weight, i dont think anyone could do that to me.. hm.... and he still didnt cum... i added more coating and my hole like cold cold like that make it squeeze tighter and i was like lollll..

till one point when i was still in him and i think im gonna cum cos damn syok he said: shoot it in my mouth..

i was like: are you serious?

why not? come on...

and so i aimed at his mouth but it shoot till his eyes and it deflected to my wall and i was like SHIT! and then the consecutive ejaculations all entered his mouth and believe it or not he swallowed and i was like omgosh.........................

it was disgusting yet fulfilling at the same time... cos i will never telan a stranger's cum...

surprisingly after i cum mine was still hard and i was like ok.. i thought my desire would die off but its still so much alive and i kept going, taking charge of the pace, and i keep asking him, is it good? is it good? every yes or uh huh he says made me slam my ass harder on his dick..

when he says he is about to come, he say: can i shoot it all over you? i was like thinking.. ok la.. return a favour la.... then he took it out, it was surprisingly clean with no residue and he came on my cheeks... not explosive, means he no skill... hahahahaha.. but it was easy to clean up... cos i got baby wipes in my room i even clean his dick for him and he said: thats my boy... i taught you right... -.-

after that i chase him home told him to join his friends and go back the same night..

i never heard from him again.. :)

and i wiped my wall 4 times before all the cum stains are out... =.-


  1. Interesting happy ending that was not defined as happy ending... Hmmm...

    1. haha... chill la.. its a good experience taking someone else's first! :)

  2. Never heard from him again?.. =/
    And PLEASE LA! Who can carry you, i think you fall on me i die dy.. LOL

    1. mother effer! hahahahahahaha.. such an idiot! hahahahahaha.. but true also, if you dont die i think paralyze and stuffs too! :) muacks!! :)

      but yea.. he didnt initiate anything after that and so i left it there.. didnt bother to contact him ...

    2. Hahaha, i'm too small size la. 2 more year, pray i grow omg.. -.-''

      Anyways, oh well, like you say.. biarkan lo.. =/

    3. i think stop edi la the growth.. dont hope ok! please! later you more disappointed! muahahahahahaha....

      he contacted me leh last night, hm.. hopefully something good turn out from it la..

  3. He's Asian or "Ang Moh" ? Younger guy eh...hmm...

    Anyway, you "ride" on top so long, your leg didn't cramp ?


    1. he is ang mo... younger by 2 years..

      my legs cramp? please la.. i got technique one leh.. and i ride sometimes in feet, sometimes on knee, sometimes on hands and legs.. sometimes 1 hand 2 legs.. got so many variation wont cramp one.. dont just stick to one, restricted blood flow and intense overused of same muscle group would lead to cramps ma... muahahahahahahaha

    2. hahaha the 1 hand 2 legs is like that cowboy style riding on a horse/bull/electronic bull right hahahahaha!! You are arching your back and almost leaning back, while the free hand is holding a cowboy hat, waving around in the air :P

  4. Can I answer the 1st question up there? please please please?????? hahaha =P

    1. what question? lol... dont expose more than what i intend to expose then can edi... kihihihihihi

  5. Fuiyoh, I love how detailed this is hahaha :P

    1. its quite brief liao leh... im not a deep type of person so i no like deep deep explanasi.. lol

  6. *Nosebleeds* takes baby wipes to wipe nose.

    1. =.= that baby wipes got cum one, you fetish arr? 0.0

  7. With your treasure of experience I was expecting a Martha Stewart style lecture for you on how to remove cum stains :P

    1. take Simple baby wipes and wipe once with right finger using 2N of stress and rub hard ok on the affected wall surface.. then let it dry at room temperature, you will see whether the stain is lighter or has faded or not, light intensity must be a constant factor with wind speed as co-parameter.. repeat the process till cum stain is totally removed =.-