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Saturday, November 10, 2012

thoughts on some blog post by Mr Undernourished...

copied and pasted from (click on the title below) and added my own comment in it la in PINK.. muahahahaha...

Soft Gays and Masculine Guys

     I have been wondering can a gay like me find a lover who is manly/masculine?duh!!! Or are we gays just limited in the circle of soft guys? =.= youre stereotyping la kawan, where are you now arr? in Singapore or in Malaysia? i memang dont really know! haha.... I don't know. I am quite new in this circle of people. Through FB, I got to know some of my old friends are gay, based on their likes, subscriptions and mutual friends very common la, thats how i detect other gays too, by using high profile gay friends on fb!! hahahaha.... Sadly, they are all soft guys (I am NOT AGAINST them, just not sexually attracted).
     I do not have Grindr (no money to buy smartphome) nor an account at gay social networking website. I only read gay blogs(Y). I do have an account at TT1069 but is just an observer there. I din not make any friends there. 
    I am sexually attracted to guys but only the ones who are more masculine in nature, Not necessarily body but the look, character, etc. 
*Guys who are indecisiveme,, reservedme in certain ways, "bookworm", homelyme at times, gentle(talk softly), obedientto my boyfriend (cincai in a way  girls take advantage), over tolerantme (cincai again), over friendlyme, funnyme (talk lame jokes), smile too oftenme put me off.=.= 70% describe me le i put you off arr? nia**! hahahahaha... I don't know why, just simply not attracted to them (Proof = No excited Heartbeat). -----------I met quite a number of them during university years and stayed with them for years some more, really sad and suffocating.... =.= youre such a byatch! hahahaha... you cant just suffocate just because they are born that way!! reason not valid!!!! *SLAP*
*I like guys who are more out going, open minded, smart, aggressive, independent, out-spoken, brave, decisive, gentle (only to me) and also protective (only to me) (heart beats very fast!!!)
They can really bring me the sense of security and reliability. I just can't explain the feelings.. I am such a nerd. I also like them to dominate me on bed.. Hahaha... guys like that doesnt exist anymore, if they do, surely taken one.. so just give up hope la... and when you find someone 50% that matches your criteria just take it k, the other 50% of his flaws you will have to learn how to accept them, it might decrease after awhile cos they will upgrade themselves sometimes.. flaws make them human, no one is perfect ok brother..

and the dominate me on bed part is sososososo BOTTOM!! like me! muahahahahahaha *high 5* is damn syok one ok!! you will experience it soon, i can feel!, maybe la maybe.. hahahahaha :)
Strangely, I do not find Wang Lee Hom that attractive good, dont have to compete with me, less one competition the better, but i heard he is bottom wor, how arr.. i want leh... :( but cannot... oh well..... Although handsome yes, he is too artisticis that a problem?=.=, emo (love songs) and not the manly type I like (personal opinion k!!! :p i die die also wanna kutuk!!!)
    I did meet str8 guys(although not really handsome and not all the qualities I mentioned) like this in my life but they are of a different race (DON'T WANT MENTION WHAT RACE HERE, DON'T WANT TO INCITE RACISM). They really make good friends. They were concerned about me, asked about my results and offered help when necessary. They touched me (as a greeting) and  I touched them back=.= sounds damn wrong. They share their life with me, porn (although str8) and treated me to meals. I would treat them back. When I said I did not want to get married, they were concerned and asked a lot about the reason. They said would help if I had any problems. I did not tell them though I am gay. We shared same drinks and food. I felt so close to be with them. When I was  in trouble, they would offer a lending hand, praise me when I have done something well. My confidence level was increased after knowing them. I soon became quite good at presentation. 
They are so sweet and a gave me a sense of bond and belonging!! 
I never had any sexual thoughts towards them. I just wonder can I meet a prince like that to be my lover or...... if that is too much.a request.. just  a part time lover? And.. can that person be a Chinese?? I never met a Chinese guy like this.. I do not have that luck..not about luck la, more like youre still a student, wait, how young are you arr? if youre a student of course la, you havent go out to the working world yet, so many fishes out there ok!! sure got chinese like that one, in the streets everywhere, omgosh, just open your eyes, :) next time when legal liao(or maybe sudah) then go clubs and stuffs, go for functions and musical plays, they are everywhere!! and no need to be chinese one, so picky, youre narrowing your options down liao, other races are quite good also as long as they have the qualities, why not? sleep on it ok! :)
     I think soft guys (moderate or severe) like me will not be liked by masculine guys=.= youre assuming, which is wrong! never assume stuffs, you need evidence to prove that ok! those who think that way are quite shallow, very superficial!! :p. This is just a fantasy and a wishful thought... That is why I am writing here to release stress, Or at least, can I have a chance to make friends with them to understand them better?? I have no any bad intention, just want to understand their sexual feelings,..... I am a guy who does not understand guy (handsome and masculine ones), I am curious... slowly la, can feel that youre still young, at heart at least.. hahahaahha...
 < This guy with his standing hair is so smart looking omgosh the background really =.= both not my type..
Wow, he is really not "gentle" in his eyes..He means business.. I like it. > i no like the colour combination, next!!

  < Not too big, not too small. Toned and muscular. Can you hug me???

crying tits!! ooooooo... *lick lick*

Mr policemen on the right, can you protect me forever? > looks like a nerdy aaron kwok!! :)

< Again! this is the body I would like to lean on.. Not too big nor small. 
lean only? i can jump on it and beg him to rape me lor if im single! hahahahahaha... im such a TULS!!!
      If I could choose, I would really want to be a real guy or a gal, not somewhere in between because society has no place for them (in this case, me). Been feeling out of place and my confidence and sense of well being has been shattered. I feel lifeless. awwwww..... bless ya! well, baby you are born this way, so just accept it la, you dont have to change yourself for anyone ok.. no such thing as no place for people like you ok, never think that, and always remember that you are not alone! all you need to do now is pick the shattered pieces up, place them back, frame it up, although you have crack lines all over, each one of it is a lesson learned, once you have that beautiful frame holding all the pieces together, you then could proudly hang it up and display for everyone to see.. those who knows how to appreciate real art, would buy that piece, and that would be your future boyfriend, so hold on to that thought ok! always think positive and hold on to something, a hope for your future! and dont regret anything you did, always think forward!! *hugs* the gay community will always be there for you! well at least, in this sense, the gay blog community will! right??!?  :)


  1. lol~ like your reply~

    only if you are single meh? the raping part? lollll

  2. Replies
    1. of course! its me the tuls.. duh!!! -.- sorry too perasan..cant help it!

  3. btw, the mr policemen photo is a scene from one of the singapore chinese series, the 2 of them are actors, just google for tan romeo (the one of the left) and elvin ng (the one of the right)... they are indeed really gorgeous.

    1. ooooooooo... i like both can please courier them to UK thanks for my birthday! :)

  4. YOUR LINE :

    and no need to be chinese one, so picky, youre narrowing your options down liao, other races are quite good also as long as they have the qualities, why not? sleep on it ok! :)


    1. of course you do! duh!! you love me since so long liao even bubu also ask me to send assassin to kill you leh... `_'

  5. Since this post has stirred so much negative comments and anger, I would like to sincerely apologise coz it is only meant to express feelings/fantasy and not to judge or hurt anybody. I am not a steorotype in person, just want to express feelings. I have said too much and never expect it to be so dramatic. Sorry and I will keep quiet on that. Again, truly sorry

    1. hey, come back and reblog !!! this post is not a hate post or anything la! dont think it that way ok!! everyone is putting an input in your blog, its a good exchange of ideas! :) we have to do everything in optimism and take every comment optimistically and dont just see it in a negative way! :)

  6. lol.. this is not a negative thing la omgoshhhhhhhhhhhh... you dont have to apologoize la, no one was hurt, its just an exchange of opinions and ideas... lol.. Mr Undernourished, dont let this kinda thing stop you from blogging! its not dramatic, youre just voicing what you know and what you think!! chill la...

    omgosh i feel like ive just killed someone!!

  7. the only line i picked up from this post is "if i am single"
    why no story on that one? XD

    1. =.=

      im still single la.. no story about it thanks! :)

  8. Aiyah, I haven't sempat to read that blog, already appears to be closed :(

    I think that the fact that the author isn't attracted to the so called softer and non-hunky guys even though he thinks he's one of them himself... just shows some sort of inferior complex. I mean, if you think that the hunky, macho guys aren't going to be into you, and you want to be with that type of guy, then maybe you can start making certain changes to yourself..

    Not saying that guys should or must change themselves to fit in, but I'm saying if you don't like yourself for the way you appear, then you need to stand up for yourself and take some action... otherwise you're gonna stay in that realm of having low self esteem and constantly feeling inadequate. Or if you choose not to change yourself for the sake of others, then you need to learn to appreciate and accept what you have, and work with it...

    OK I feel kind of like a bad bitch for being so blunt... just chill mr. Undernourished!!

    1. to be honest i feel the same way as Mr J.

      your r too stereotypical, there's always a grey area in between everything and you seem to be into something at a very very extreme end. However, it's alright to be picky, albeit how not-so-realistic one's goal mayb.

      But saying tat you suffocated because you stayed with someone who has the same quality with you (since you refer u and them as the same category), i think a bit of self reflection is needed.

      and, its not dramatic la, tuls has a fair share of drama and this doesn't even count as one. chill.

    2. I agree with what u said, u fuckalicious JBOY !

      as i sempat write in his blog(before he deleted ) , i mentioned why he was being superficial , , everyone loses youth as they age . I mean , i know Tuls used to be hot last time and have a great ass and all , but now he is back with his older aged persona and surely the butt already saggy .

      Jokes aside , I feel Mr undernourished is putting too many barriers to get a guy , bcoz reality is , most gays are not as hot as on TV . and most hot real gay guys are gonna be arrogant and have a shitty attitude .

      My advice , just date a guy regardless of restrictions , whether age , race ,fit body or looks. When you put restrictions like race , how can u NOT be racist ? If u take the hottest guys from each country compassing of each race , u will find yourself sexually attracted to all of them with their perfect sexy fit body , no matter how their ethnicity makes them look .Personally , here in malaysia , i have seen pple i want to fuck that are chinese , malay and indians, eventhough im a chinese . The most important thing is love .

  9. You cracked me up yet again, Tuls! Your comments were priceless.

    There is nothing wrong with having a certain sets of requirements/criteria that you found attractive in a person. I'm not sure whether you remember about this Tuls, but we used to talk about this when we first met in the blogsphere.

    Yes, the author tend to stereotype the gay community. But who doesn't? We do that too quite often. At least I'm speaking for myself. And memang lah, we all know the gay community can be quite shallow/superficial sometimes. That's why so many of us tend to live in a gym just to naikkan our market value. Lol.

    And kudos for trying to slip in the 'if im single' there. Don't think anyone of us were fooled! Haha... was it timothy? *gasp* not the virgin boy?! Tell us!

    1. no timothy and no virgin boy =.= both are just kelefeh characters.. hahahaha... im very much single thanks.. and dont think so much about the if im single part ok.. if im not single the whole world will know one and knowing me i wont hide stuffs like this one.. i will share to the whole world one.. slut ma.. slut must share !!!!! lolllllllllllllll

    2. Your life so many kelefeh characters one! Like those thousand-episodes never-ending dead-comes-to-life-then-dead-again daytime soap operas like that. lollll... so much dramas.

      Entertaining too, of course.

    3. ku bukan bold and beautiful ok! :) hahahahaha... hopefully my next one works out good la..