t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the blondest thing i heard today...

i think you will jump off the building if you heard this as well..

so this blonde girl in my class was discussing some questions from the problem based learning seminar and suddenly blurt out..

hm... whats 15% of 100...

i didnt say anything but in my brain it was a ==================.===================== moment..

i feel like dying..

seconds after that one of her friends look at her and like shook her head, its 15!!!!

then both of them laugh...


shoot me please thanks!!!

durham is lovely la... remember this place? its where harry potter free his owl during winter and where he fought with his wand against malfoy...


  1. Blonde mahhh... Hahaha
    She is excused. =P

  2. ur also a bimbo !!

    and my tetek is getting big

  3. but, it's problem based learning class right? she's the problem and based on her, you all learn... perfecto!

    all of us exist for a purpose! blonds included.

  4. you should pose with a flying broom in that picture