t u l s

t u l s

Thursday, November 8, 2012

unnecessary stress..

so, my dad prepared the money already..  enough to last me till i graduate and then i'll be on my own.. i was anxiously waiting for the money to come so that i could pay the debt i owed my friends.. but .... guess what..

my dad went missing..

just when i thought that he could at least do something good..

its been 11 years already.. all the broken promises...

i should have known better...

with only 50 pounds left in my bank account, i will need it to squeeze through this winter... mum is really stressed up right now.. she must be feeling really afraid for me.. plus the connection got cut off from home, she can only leave me offline messages when she is at work, she is trying her part to get hold some money....

im speechless..

i give up...

now this unnecessary stress..

i know lots of you out there are willing to help, thanks so much, but.. im feeling really shameless to ask... im still surviving for now.. i will survive...... but.. haha... will just see how long can i last....



  1. Each of the pain will make you to be strong apparently. Everything happens for a reason, kept the faith on you.

    You may loose your faith on others but never in yourself :)

  2. =/

    Tuls, from deep down i really really wish i can help... :(
    My bank account tak bagi transfers..

    Hugs dear..

  3. *hugs hugs* dont feel too overly stress :).

  4. I feel sorry and wish to help but I am also very poor. Is part time job hard to find there?

  5. I can totally understand how it feels.. Thus I won't offer help, but I offer hugs.
    *big big hugs*
    I hope this will get better very soon!

  6. thanks you guys, i... *group hug*