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t u l s

Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween sex part 1...

so this conversation taken place last night between the young virgin boy and I..

(him)heya, im going to town now..

(me)oh.. ok..

are you at town?


well, if im stuck, would you let me stay over at your place?

err... i dont think so... 

why not?

well, ive got an early class, and if my housemates find out, they wont like it..

its your room!!? why not ?? im just gonna sleep and thats it..

its the house rules.. i hope you understand...

i dont!!!

hey, dont be so stubborn... just go home with your friends alright!

they always leave me, they wont even notice if im not around...

dont be silly, i'll see you some other day ok!

if you want me, you would let me stay...

that time i really =.= edi...

want you or not, its not gonna happen tonight...


id understand if you hate me after this..


then... haih.. i did the silliest thing, i went and tell my housemates that my friend is drunk and couldnt drive home and that he will be crashing my room and they all are cool about it... and then after that..

hey, come over then...

!!ok!!! i'll see you at 2! it was 11.45 then... 

no, come now if not im gonna sleep already!!

ok, ill see you at 1!!

no, come now!!  

i need some time to loose my friends... can you meet me at the car park near the bus station?

omgosh some more need me to walk him home,,

ok, i'll come now!!

no no no.... ok give me 30 mins...

so i changed and went out, it was 5 degrees, so cold la omgosh.. and the opposite direction everyone was dressed as ghost shit and what not and im like so formal bitch with my coat and stuffs..

i reach the car park and i waited for 15 mins before he came.. when he reach me he straight away walk towards a backlane near the car park and then i followed and i was like

my house is the other way....

cant we use this way?(pointing the other direction)

yea but it will take a longer time to reach..

yea, we will do that...

ok then...

after walking for 5 steps he pushed me towards the wall and kissed me...

to be continued...

im super tired... its 3.44 in the morning...


  1. Wait which is you? Purple or blue? Confuse T__T

  2. Tuls is in purple!!!??? Hehehehe... ;p

  3. im always blue one! :) from the first post till now, always been blue! :)

    1. Lol! Sorry i pm you just now and ask. Didn't read the comments.. Haha

  4. You'd make a good purple conversation. Lol... I know you would. That's why u chose you to be the purple guy!!! Yeah (:

    1. i know i bitchy and slutty and all.. but seriously im blue la =.=
      purple is so mengada... lollllllllllllll

  5. Biggest... cliffhanger... ever!!

    Chants: Part 2 Part 2 Part 2!!!

  6. aiyoh... "i'm just gonna sleep" such a liar...

    looked like u missed class lo...