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Friday, November 2, 2012

halloween sex part 2...

(him)i like kissing you alot..

(me)haha.. youre kissing me now just because there isnt anyone around right? *sarcastic*

no... i just like kissing ya...

*grab my hands*

see, im holding your hands in public...

well, it feels really nice la for someone to hold my hand and walk in the streets and i could be exposed anytime omgosh cos basically we are walking in a student neighbourhood...

then suddenly a guy walk out from the house and he threw my hands away..

that instant i laugh out loud like crazy!! hahahahaah.....

he is such an idiot..

and basically he kisses me every 5 steps or something like omgosh wth...

are you drunk?

no im not.... well... not yet...


then more kissing...

omgosh i think i wanna piss...

right.... just piss by the road side then...

no! i have respect for the roads!!! *took out dick and pee*

==.== seriously?

yea, help me look around see anyone is looking...


or you wanna look at my willy?


come on... look at it...


you like it?


lets go idiot...

you like it? or not?

i walk away edi... too much.. lol...as i was walking away.... he hugged me from behind...

the feeling was nice la but... OMGOSH! GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF ME!!!


are we there yet?

no =.=

why is your house so far away!!??

because someone wants to use the long cut!

then as we were 300 meters from my house he got a text from his friends saying they are taking the cab home at half 3... and so he ask me..

will your friend be angrier if i stayed the night or if i were to come and leave at half 3?

=.= is that even a question? i told them already.. no biggie.. you could stay..

but which will piss them off more?

omgosh.. they wont...

once we reach the front of my house he kissed me for a whole 5 seconds and i pushed him away!

are you crazy?! this is my street! omgosh!! there are 10 other houses full of students which are my friends!!!


then we entered my house... :)

to be continued...


  1. So cheeky and cute la he!! Tak tahan! haha

    1. hhhahaha.. i also tak tahan la..

  2. Replies
    1. you hungry? go eatsomething ok! :)

  3. Replies
    1. why must write dua kali =.= i delay part three till next year ok? hahahahaha

  4. Oh my the lad's a raunchy fiesty one innit?

    1. hahahahahahah.. he typical english chav la...

    2. Waliao into chavs now huh?? Interesting choices you've got Tulsie ahahaha.

  5. The purple guy sounds like the younger version of you, tuls!!! Hahahaha... If everything goes according to plan, probably I know the (happy) ending ;p
    It's gonna be a happy ending... Or two happy endings, right?? ;p

    1. niama!! say i old! wtheaven!!!!!!!!!!!! omgoshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! benci benci!!

      oh btw.. there wont be any happy endings! :) ooops.. did i just spoil the whole thing? awwwwwwwww.........

    2. Ohhhh... No happy ending? Never mind la. It's the process that counts. Lol...
      Well, everyone will grow old eventually. Can't run away. Besides, it's young and old is just a relative term. Hahahaha... Why so "jie yi"/perasan? (:

  6. haha so where did he pee wor? On the road?
    Did u actually look at his dick? :P

    And he's Caucasian right? ;)

    1. by the roadside ... =.=

      and of course i looked la... duh... lol..

      and he ang mo... slightly taller than me..

    2. hahahahaha I have another question then...

      Cut or Uncut? :P :P :P