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Friday, December 31, 2010

mother power...

2 nights ago i was chatting with my mum and suddenly the girlfriend topic came out..

you got girlfriend edi arr?

nola.. dont have.. but i have lots of boyfriends.. (just thought of fooling around)

hm.. you better not crazy arr i tell you.. this is not very healthy one.. and no future for you... you better play play for awhile then change back i tell you...


you know your cousin who was a lesbian last time?

er... yea...
see now she is married le...


she thinks that i can change? just because my cousin got married? its so wtf... hm... i know deep down inside she knows that i am but im just not sure how to tell her..

will i break her heart if i tell her that i can be normal? will she keep "changing" me back to normal? can she take the pressure?

when should i tell her? the day before i fly to UK? tell her now? 

what if she knows that i had sex with hundreds of men? will she freak out? will she ask me to get tested? will she not stay with me anymore?

wah seh..

hm... sien... dono la... ish.. how arr?


  1. LOLZ. some secrets are best kept. for a while longer. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. wow your mom's response sounds like my mom's . wonder if they know each other . haha. when u find out a good answer to stop her from asking , tell me .need it asap

  3. so funny la this one.. hehe.. but sound very familiar leh. U act act cool, and play first la!

  4. my mum also asked the same question and the called me to change but i don't care :P. I straight away say why must i change lol and her face was cloudy that time. Then after that she keep quietle ~~

  5. OMG! Means she knows you're playing with guys but you two are adopting the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy so I think it's best you don't come out to her yet.

  6. what the... do all msia chinese mums say the same thing? i came out to my mum and it was the same response! She said we all have responsiblities (-_-*)

  7. better not tell. silence is gold when the time is not right...

    btw, how to morph?? @.@

  8. Hahaha. Tuls having sex with a girl?!!! How erotic can it be?!!!!!! Well, handsome guy with a pretty lady, it's still orgasmic to us gays lor! Hehe

  9. "better play play for awhile"does it mean your mum doesnt mind you're 'playin' around?as if she knows what you're up to..as if she reads your blog...hahahaha

  10. Enjoy the new year first.

    I think your mother knows, can't really hide it from them. So, just carry on with your life.

  11. Parents are protective so they just fear for you. Sometimes it's better not to tell and let time take its course. Like me, i don't tell because i know it's pointless and they won't understand. So i am just gonna live my life to the fullest and take care of them. That's all.

  12. I suggest you let her watch gay right movies like prayers for bobby, educate her if you can't tell her face to face...
    show her the fact that many gay men who were forced to marry a woman mostly end up in a divorce thus leaving the wife, old and unmarried and their kids-in a broken family...

    Even if their marriage goes on, he still fucks around with other men.
    Is it fair for the girl?

  13. @lil prince ~ thanks for visiting!! haha.. happy new year tuanku!!

    @mark ~ er... hahahahah.. what the.. hahahahaha.. ok ok.. happy sexing with QQ

    @just B3cks ~ will do.. thanks..

    @sky ~ hahahaha.. im not that bold yet.. so.. see la how..

    @calvin ~ i think so too... eeeek!!

    @goMercury ~ ish... but i love my mum.. gosh...

    @jason ~ i think so too.. hm.. morph arr? just take a sun stone or moon stone depending on what type of pokemon are you.. then evolve.. or just take your watch, on power ranger dvd and follow the music and transform!! or take make up and say: SAILORMOON!! MAKE UP!!!!

    @simon ~ er.. im not handsome.. sorry to disappoint you.. hahahahah.. and i dont get hard on seeing boobies.. my wife will be sexless!!

    @chocolate boy~ takutnyer....

    @CX ~ yeah.. just hope that she will understand it one day..

    @D ~ agreed..

    @bitch ~ not fair.. bitch you damn cute la!! hahahaha... you wanna be my wife? since you are a bitch.. but we dont have sex la.. just married ni.. hahahah

  14. in my opinion la kan.. lesbian senang nak jadi str8 balik

    gay susah. Hahahaha