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t u l s

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


from the left Malik Taufiq(bubu says the hottest, whatever!!), Will Quah, Edmund Wong, Nandang Rahman and Jack Lua.

First couple : Malik and Will
Second couple : Nandang and Jack
Hot Slutty Messenger : Edmund

It started off with Malik and Will in their house waiting for Nan and Jack to come over for FOURSOME.. lots of kissing.. i love you so much this this that that.. then the second couple finally came then started la.. Jack took off his shirt first.. wah so nice and hunky la that jack!! dah la berbulu the middle!! grr!! sexy!!! then Malik took off his, Will followed and the Nan. Malik and Will body is like those body you see everyday la in porn ke whatever.. all the same one.. hot!! so yea.. but the sex scene is CUT OFF lor and replaced by just one kiss from each other and thats it.. k la.. this is not porn so nvm la give chance..

After entah brapa lama.. A messenger came by and gave a telegram to Will and it says the Nan is in the bottom of the ocean. Malik was curious about it then he went and look for Jack. They met in a coffee shop and Jack told that he left Nan and Malik dint get the answer he came for instead he found out that Nan was HIV positive. Malik went back and asked Will to get tested since he was the only one who get fucked by the second couple while Malik sat aside and watch. Then the messenger came again and gave another telegram to Will. Telegram says that Nan is killed by a sea monster. Malik was like WTF then he went and look for Jack, Jack said they broke up and the piping sux. Jack house was flooded. Malik went home and Will was gone. Then the messenger came again and gave another telegram but this time to Malik. Malik refused to accept then Ed and Malik started to debate and talk about love, sex and AIDS. Will was later thrown into the house all soaked but did not die after Malik realize that he really loves Will and that AIDS is not a barrier between them.

The end.

Sea monster here refers to AIDS lor i think and that when Will was missing i think he went out to get tested and thrown back into the room alive in the end means he is HIV negative. The messenger and telegrams are like news telling us to go for checks cos there are people dying of AIDS everyday lor i think. Piping bocor tu i think indicated that the sea monster is attacking jack already, he might have it, he might not have it.. no one knows... kihihihi... Straight people wouldnt understand this play much lor i think.

Bubu and I were laughing our asses off and kept hitting each other cos basically we are in this shit! As in.. bubu and i thought of having 3some 4some shit and this play have the same lines like what we discussed earlier about being paranoid about the roles la, who fuck who la, safe or not la, got disease then how la. I even suggested to bubu that i will sit down and watch him play with other men and that was also stated in the play like damn wtf right!! oh gosh..

glad that we are over that now.. nice play.. and yes Will is hot.. Jack and Malik pun tak kurang hebat jugak!!! hehe...

no orgies ok bubu.. i bu yao!!.. i love you only.. dowana share you with anyone else!! haha....


  1. Glad to hear that! sex between couple to couple is big NO for me! sounds very slutty.. btw, I want to watch this also :P

  2. glad to hear that too! if u did , i will help bubu wack kau u till u vomit sperm.

  3. patutlah u octopus sana sini, excited bcoz of this. haha

  4. no wonder you go marketplace lah manjam lah now i know what you and bubu is up to.

    my advice: hire a professional gigolo for a 3some. you need to enjoy professional sex!

  5. I wonder why this Fox is always talking about gigolo...are you one? lolx! Safe sex please.

  6. aiya.. suda abisla dia punya time line.

    tak sempat mau tengok :P

  7. @just b3cks ~ it wont go to sg lor.. hahahahaha.. oh well im sure in sg they do have theater production like this as well :)

    @mark ~ hwa... so violent SM, i like!! hahahahaha come Mark!! hahahahaha

    @D ~ yesh yesh!! so many kissing.. everytime they kisss i squeeze bubu;s hand! hahahah

    @foxy ~ er... right...

    @skysky ~ i think so too.. that sly fox.. maybe he wanna volunteer.. hahahahaha... memang safe ok!!

    @joey ~ yalor.. haih.. nevermind.. im sure there will be more in the future.. ahhaahha

  8. ARgh........Seriously missed all the kissings and half-naked scenes me?!!! - Hahaha. *chup, did u had any "reactions" during the kissing scenes? :Passionate bor or just simple pecks?! HAha

  9. @simon ~ simonsimon... there were 4-5 passionate kissing scenes lor!! omg.. of course got reaction la!! sometimes i go omgosh!! sometimes i just smile like orang bodoh when they kiss!! omgosh!!!!!!!!!!