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Monday, December 27, 2010

lady marmalade...

i can say that i spend more time with bubu's friend than my own.. its just that the friends that i made through bubu are mostly gay and awesome in their own way lor.. excluding mutual friends we made together la..

from my side, there are only 5 people who knows that im gay and comfortable talking about guys with me, as in my friends since forever la.. so yea.. so today we thought of lepaking with my friends for a change cos ive always been hanging out with his right..

and yes we went karaoke! wahahaha... Neway in Jaya Square.. ok la the songs selection not that up to date but who cares!! we have a four solid hours of singing and my voice now is still masih belum pecah belah cam dulu..

the song that we all went crazy was lady marmalade!! hahahah.. cos there are four singers in it and the four of us each chose one singer and sing their lines.. hahaha..

guess who did i chose?
A. Mya
B. Pink
C. Lil Kim
D. Christina Aguilera

bubu was looking at me all the while when i sang quite a few mandarin song in the end.. then i asked him when he was sending me home....

why are you looking at me like that?

er... er... *smile*



what? why?

nola.. ive dated so many guys and they are like all either too cina or dont know how to speak mandarin at all..

er... so?

you sang in mandarin... *smile*

er... so? im very cina is it? you dont like is it?

nola.. i like.. i mean.. when you sing that Lee Hom song that time i was like so... *smile*

er.... er.....

*blush* alah.. people blushing edi la...

but actually until now i still dont understand what is it all about.. hahahahahaha.. maybe i know but im not so sure so dowana assume la kan.. hahahahaha...


  1. p!nk!
    voulez vous coucher avec moi? :P

    you shld go watch the live version with patti labelle damn awesome!

  2. Either Christina or Pink..lol

    People having the 'moment' right? hehe

  3. @LMO ~ nah...

    @SynchingZincInc ~ i love their parts esp Xtina!! gosh.. i wanted to sing her part but.. no..

    and yes the moment!!! *screech*!!

    @CX ~ tepat skali!!!!!

    @vincent ~ nope nope.. hahah..

    the reason why i sang lil kim's part was not because i couldnt reach the high notes of xtina, its bcos no one knows the rapping part except for me.. so yea.. sacrifice!! haih... hahhaahha

  4. Never mind, still in a sexy skimpy costume.

  5. Dawww... I would've guessed Xtina since she tops the lot.

  6. @CX ~ waahahahaha....

    @Vin ~ i love Xtina!! she is so hot in it.. as in her parts la.. all the high range.. which i can reach~!!! hahahaha.. perasannyer!! hahahha