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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

youre so grown up already...

that show ok la.. not that bad.. was watching it with bubu and his bro.. laughed our ass off!! haha..

bubu is the eldest.. his brother so happens to be at home alone so thought why not go watch together la right..
bubu's brother is growing to be a man soon.. getting taller by day.. more hair everywhere.. more matured..

bubu doesnt realize that.. i mean.. i noticed it cos you know.. im a guy.. i notice guys.. bubu sees his brother everyday.. and it would be so incestful(is there such a word, got red line underneath) to even fantasize about your own brother so anyway i told bubu

hey.. you brother quite hot arr..

are you crazy?


he is my brother!!!


he looked at his brother from head to toe... and i think after that only did he realize...



youre so grown up already..

er.. gor, im not that 10 year old kid anymore..


ahahahahha.. even bubu had to acknowledge that his brother is growing up and getting hotter by day.. hahaha... dont even mention bubu's dad... hot daddy.. guahahaha...

bubu's gonna kill me after he sees this.. hahahaha...

the tuls is surrounded by hotties.. nyeh nyeh nyeh...


  1. You are lucky to be surrounded by hot guys..


  2. OMYGOSH!!!!!!! That is wrong!!!!! Incest!!! Incest!! LOL!!

  3. haha, i said the same thing about my bf's little bro too. His response? You took it tooo far baby... lolz

  4. Hot father-in-law, hot bro-in-law....walao eh...how could you stand? lolx!

  5. @CX ~ thanks! hahahaha... are you one?

    @byronmc ~ hahahaha.. i know.. how i wish!! hahahaha.. oooops! hahahahah

    @goMercury ~ hahahahahahaha....

    @skysky ~ i cannot stand.. i missionary lor.. one mouth one ass.. 3some!! hots!! hahahahaha

  6. Hmmm..don't think so I am (humble tone).

  7. @CX ~ haahahha.. everyone is beautiful in their own way... be it inner or outer.. :) so CX, i can proudly say that you are beautiful!!