t u l s

t u l s

Thursday, December 23, 2010

i give up...

i just reach home after dinner with a few bffs from high school which im out to and thought of calling bubu to tell him im home but mana tau...

b, im home le...

oh.. you sure youre home arr?

er.... yea... why should i not be home?

maybe youre at someone's house?

what the fuck should i be at someone's house?

i dont know.. are you?

okay, listen to this!! *close my room door - it gives out a very distinctive sound only my room door produces*

any guys room door could have that sound wert..

wtf.. ok few steps and i will be in my toilet.. *open tap - shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

er.. it can be anyone's toilet! *giggle*

wtf... ok.. my staircase sound.. *stomp down the wooden stairs* Heard THAT?

er.. like i said, can be anyone's house!!

wtf.. ok ok this one you should know.. *shaking the metal dumbell he gave it to me - it produces sound when the weights are loose*

er... any hot guys house would definitely have one of those... 
hm... you sure you are at home? *giggle even more*

i give up.....


  1. i tried that on QQ before a long time ago. asked him to on tv la open door la just to make sure hes home . haha

  2. Hahah..this will only make the love stronger.

    Very sweet indeed...

  3. NOOOOOOOO!! I think this one is really dangerous. Slowly slowly your bu bu will become over possessive like me (it's about time)! I thought it was okay.

    Then.. you knowm we couple once in awhile will have arguments here and there. Then..this suspicious your BF wherebout will get worst then can be very teruk one!!

  4. Use 3G or iPhone Facetime to prove lah...anyway, normal for a couple lah...Merry X'mas

  5. @mark ~ hahahahahahahaha.. ass!! slap you!! piak piak!! hahahahaha...

    @CX ~ hahahaha.. i know.. damn bodoh feel like slapping him..

    @just B3cks ~ hahahahaha.. dont worry :) we are fine.. haha.. he is just playing only.. he will need to trust me, if there is no trust then there wont be today for us.. :)

    @skysky ~ hahahaha... me no teknologi canggih.. i want one as my bday present can? hahahaha..

  6. u managed to find your way out from my house?

  7. yes eric! wahahahaahahahah!!!