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Thursday, December 30, 2010

will you fuck me when im asleep tonight?

my bro came and visit me yesterday and now he is in ipoh already.. its been 6 months since i last saw him..

i came out to him early this year but i dont think he believes it till last night..

i called bubu as usual to wish him goodnight, its our ritual.. before sleep my bro and i had a lil conversation on the bed..

your girlfriend arr?

nola.. boyfriend.


kan i told you edi?

what youre gay? seriously?


aiyor why you gay one?

im just like that... i dont even know why.. its just that i am...

and you guys like anal each other?

er... yea...

what the fuck... why on earth do you like guys?


do you wanna seek help?

huh? wtf...

see doctor or something...

er.. its not something a doctor can cure..

maybe a psychiatrist?

haha.. no need.. i just dont get aroused by women or girls.. yes they are hot and pretty and if they flash me their boobs i will just be like, ok, normal.. nothing nice.. moving on...

so if you see dick then you will stim la?

hahahahaah.... i mean.. its either you accept me or whatever...

im ok with it.. actually i knew you were a pondan when we were younger.. you and your camwhore since young...

er... wait!! wtf?!! im not pondan!! pondan and gays are different.. and transexuals too.. they are all different.. so please dont mix us up!!

hahaha.. ok ok... ...but, you know.. like what grandpa say every man has to do their part in continuing the family tree thing...

er... we have you and all our other cousins to do it.. so no need me la please...

but youre the eldest among all the cousins.. you are supposed to do it.. 

er... what the fuck.. i give the responsibility to you then...

hm... if you were brought up by grandpa and grandma then you wont end up like this..

hahahahaha... omgosh... it wont la change anything la!!

so will you rape me tonight when i sleep?

wtf... are you crazy?!!! i wont do such incest things... not with family la of course...

last night was really fun.. we catch up on things that happened since we last met and we also talked about condom, sex, our parents.. everything la.. im gonna miss him... hm.. i will see him during chinese new year i guess.. oh well.. 


  1. OMG!!! This is so funny the conversation you had with your brother. He's just so innocent to ask if you need help from doctor and to think that you're going to rape him because you like guys now. Hahahaha!!! And if you brought up by your grandparents you won't end up being gay. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. haha....
    hmm, :D you really have the courage! bravo.. then, did ur bro tell anyone?

  3. Chinese New Year is not so far away.

    Happy 2011 New Year to you, tuls !

  4. HAHAHAHA... So funny! I came out to my family as well.. and my siblings are cool with it and they have had been expecting it as well..

    My brother did ask me the same things when the first time I came out to him.. he asked me to get help la.. try to watch straight porn la.. but after a series of conversations regarding to my sexuality he has finally realised that it is just a part of me.. now he even would ask me when I am going to get a boyfriend since they are well aware that I have never been into a relationship.. LOL!!

    p/s: Is your brother hot? LOL!!! J/K J/K


  5. funny conversation, anyway wish u happy new year....

  6. hahaha he simply2 said you're a pondan..thankfully he didnt say you're a tuls

  7. @calvin ~ yala.. haih... what to do.. but it was realyl funny like cb like that..

    @just B3cks ~ he is the secretive type.. so yea.. but i already decided to tell him, if he tells anyone also i cant do anything.. so yeah.. whatever..

    @CX ~ happy new year!!

    @byronmc ~ his hair is like key is shinee.. korean band thing.. long golden hair.. can say lala but hot cos his eyes are bigger.. haha.

    @thomas ~ happy new year to you too!! thanks for dropping by thomas :)

    @willK ~ he is 17...

    @vincent ~ hahahahahahahah... hahahahahahah

    @chocolate boy ~ i dont mind.. actually i told him i slept with lots of men.. he dont believe.. hahahahaha