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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 days smelly or not?

was talking to a straight friend just now and here goes the conversation..

so late liao, why are you not sleeping yet?

oh.. my hair wet thats why.. waiting for it to dry...

oh.. you baru mandi meh?

nola.. i just had vigorous exercise!!

erm.. you just had sex with your gf?

nola.. self sex! if there is such a word! hahaha...

hahahaha.. wtf... ok then... go wash up then.. ttyl

er... im gonna sleep soon.. let it dry then wash tomorrow before work...

what the fuck?!!!!! so dirty!!!! .....actually me too!


*high 5*

hahahhaahha... it smells so nice after one day...

serious shit?!! i never smell it before lor.. just wash it the next day lor...

nice!! but 2 days is fucking smelly!!

what the fuck?!!!! you left it there and dint shower for two days!?!!!??!?!?!?!?

yeah.. i was camping then... dint mandi.. 

camping? sounds like ages ago... 

yeah 9 years ago..


i mean, i think its pretty normal for guys to do that.. i used to masturbate myself to sleep.. men produce hormones after intercourse/masturbation that relaxes the body and promotes sleepiness.. after cumming let say on the belly and after wiping it off with tissue.. there will surely still be stains there or maybe if the quantity is little you dont even have to bother and it will dry up in no time.. dah la so tired so of cos tdo la right.. but if you dont wash it off, go smell meh? whats the longest time you leave your cum on your body unwashed wor?


  1. OMG!!! I can't stop laughing at your hilarious drawing. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I have a friend who actually rub the cum on his nipples and leave it overnight. The next morning, the nipples hardened like hell.

  2. i wipe almost immediatelty.. after that sleep...

  3. 24 hours..LOL
    night b4 DIY. then next morning go to work (late, no time shower) LOL

  4. Funny. But usually will clean it. Uncomfortable with the stickiness...

  5. i describe this post in one word... wrong?! hahah. always clean up after myself, or even better have someone else do it ;)

  6. are you sure the friend of yours is straight?

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  7. Haha..Me also will wiped it clean immediately. Will bath the next morning nia! Hahaha

  8. At least must wipe it clean.....curious whether your friend is str8 lol.

  9. @CJ ~ ewww!! hahahahaha... thats hot!!

    @Takashi ~ wipe also got stain one mar.. the sticky thing then harden!! hahaha..

    @justB3cks ~ gosh.. another one.. hahahaha..

    @CX ~ ooosh.. clean.. me likey!!

    @goMercury ~ oooooo.. hotness.. i did it before.. hahahahaah,... as in clean up for someone.. hahaha... with my... ok enough..

    @Jino ~ hahahaha.. im not sure wor.. why dont you tell me!! hahahaha...

    @simonlover ~ still sticky!! hahahaha...

    @skysky ~ why curious jek.. for sure i know he is not BI!!! hahahahahahaha.. just teasing you nia...