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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

??dating a younger guy be good for me? lolll

ok, even typing that line makes me feel old..

well, i can just imagine in 10 years time, if im still single(CHOYYYYYYYYYY), I'll be like some dirty uncle like that going for younger guys... no no no ! tidakkkkkkkkkk!! hahahaha...

so, this boy that i kissed, well..

so funny la... i was being all "friend zone" with him and like i think he cannot tahan edi and so he sent me this..

i'll be honest with you. cos im not the type of guy to lie, especially to the people i like :) (you) I'm not out to anyone! i dont want to come out! therefore it would be hard for me to have a relationship! if i got with you how could i explain to my friends how we became "friends". i would love to give it a try but it would be hard to be with you then if i was seen with you when i was out by friends and will act like i dont know you. im in a hard place right now. do you understand my problem


thats what he say la..

that boy... lol... is memang friend zone one la.. no hope! lol..

well he is a virgin(benefit of doubt la ok), so basically he would be curious and exploration capacity is really huge.. people like him with so much hidden inner energy that is ready to explode cant really be tied down one, in my opinion one la.. cos if no control, can easily sway off course..

well, im also still young la... *flips hair*... maybe i should direct those words to myself jugak... LOLLLLLL!! if only i was a virgin.. hahahahaha...

anyway, i explain the whole moral of the story thing to him and friend zone him for now lor.. hehe.. but we constantly message each other la.. so.. yalor.. haha..


  1. Haha people like us that have seen and done things *cough cough* normally don't do young, and we certainly don't do virgins!! hahaha :P

    It would be like dating a student or mentee, such a turn off.. the dynamic would be weird, and in turn it would make us feel like a pervert taking advantage of a junior...

    This guy seems to be still too far in the early stages... Still uber paranoid and unsure of what he wants, but as you said very curious and willing to explore.. And although that promises to be a lot of fun, but he's just not boyfriend material YET haha..

    Maybe you can take him under your wing and help him out... then corrupt his mind hahahaha :P

    1. excuse me , tuls tua ok , not young . if tuls take him under his wing , probably will rape him every nite

  2. tuls, for young virgin people, play cool with him and don't text him/ reply his text once a while, i am sure you will make him totally crazy... lol!