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t u l s

Saturday, January 1, 2011

midnight samaritan...

i was hungry one night and mum asked me to go get something to eat too from the stalls 3 mins walk away and so i went out.. it was around 2 in the morning.. as i left the house i heard a cry from a few houses away...



hello dui min geh uncle!!! (hello uncle from the opposite side!!)

... (i think she meant me..)

i saw this old lady in her 70s, was sitted on a wheelchair and she was like banging her gate with her clutches to call out for her family but no one replied and she called for me..

she was right infront of her housegate but she cant go in for some reason and so i went in...

*panting* hello young man.. (wah can change from calling me uncle to young man.. she damn power and her england got accent one.. so old yet so kepowerful england)

can i help you?

yes young man, can you help me get in to my house...

she was old and she couldnt stand up by her own from the wheelchair although she had clutches by her side and so i helped her up.. she was standing in no time but she was panting heavily..

gosh.. tau wan...(headache).. can you pass me my clutches.. 

so i put one clutch underneath each of her arms.. then help her get into the house.. but to just go up one step and barely 20cm.. it took her around 10 mins to do so..

where are your kids?

oh they are all sleeping...

do you want me to call them?

oh NONONO! my daughter is pregnant so dont disturb her.. she wont have strength to help me..

oh.. ok then...

after getting into the house i closed her door locked it and gave the key to her then she said..

goodnight, god bless you...

i said the same and left for supper :) felt warm inside... haha..


  1. grandma in a wheelchair at 2am?

  2. OMG! What is an old lady in a wheelchair doing outside her house at 2am with no one by her side? Gosh! I'm really curious to know her side of the story. Did you ask what is she doing so late outside?

  3. Very fishy... sure or not she's real? 2 am leh? Jangan-jangan... she is she..

  4. ... 2am... yeah lo... i think she want to touch u~ XD

  5. She have chin or not? Howbout fang?

  6. Wow! Nice drawing. It looks so sad and lonely and you created the dark night atmosphere too. Good job! I like it.

  7. help enter the house some more.... lols

  8. So after that day, you got see her again ?

  9. hmmm...old lady with english accent on a wheelchair at 2 am?!strange indeed...did you tried to look back to see her?

  10. She delayed you from filling your tummy with supper but filled your soul with love. Pats on the back. You have a good heart tuls.

  11. awwww! thumbs up for doing a good deed!! :-D

  12. sweet story, still what was she doing at 2am in the morning outside?!?! she was partying too hard haha

  13. Kudos to TULS. Well, if there's a next time, by all means don't step into her house no matter what. You could be putting yourself into unnecessary danger or trouble. Call for help instead.

  14. Its good to see that good can be done without any doubts at all nowadays.... Good for you, I wanted to say be more careful next time but our society lacks these kind of kindness already so I'm not gonna discourage it.

  15. that's very nice of you! but the thought of an old lady outside of her place in the dead of night is.. curious.

  16. wah first time getting so many comments!! kihihi... erm.. seriously some of the comments make me laugh my ass offf!! hahahahaah...

    vincent, she wants to touch me? hahahahahah... oh come on.. she is like so old liao!! hahahah...

    whizkid, fangs? chins?! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!

    mercuryboy, i dont think she went clubbing.. hahahaha.. the wheelchair dance? hahahahaa..

    thanks everyone for your concern :) she is not a ghost la.. hahahaha.. i did look back at her again.. and even after she was in her house she dint really move much away from the door cos i saw her around the same area again when i was walking home after supper.. so yea..

    im just another neighbour.. couldnt imagine what would happen to her if i dint go makan that night.. ok .. dont think too much.. hahaha.. rejoice!! its new year!! school starting tomorrow.. siennes!!