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Monday, January 16, 2012

chinese superheroes are dirty people...

i should do an extensive search on this but nah.. i saw something quite similar on kan-kan's post earlier so i thought of writing it down..

so recently i was like burning the midnight shit to do my assignments and stuffs and i was like OK, this is too much, i need a break..

so i make a cup of old town 3 in one white coffee with hazelnut, took my scottish all butter shortbread, stream stormriders (fong wan in kantonese) and watch it all over again..

and thats when i realize something..

they never wash their hair at all in the movie..

as though like 10 years tak pernah wash like that..

and seriously they can go do commercial for gatsby and everything else..

when the heroine is half dying and the hero go and mendukung her in the arms while flying somewhere to get help, i think the girl can smell the hair and just die there instead..

no need to help already..

the ekin cheng the hair like so dry and split ends all over.. like the broom stick like that you know..

so teruk...

and that is how they portray chinese superheroes in the past... hahahahah.. dirty hair flying guy with powers that can shoot out from the hand..

but i still like my aaron kwok!!

so hot one!!




  1. the heroine gonna passed out before the rescue mission completed la... hahaha

    1. because she died... really!!! ahahahahaha

  2. they all don't need to mandi one. And you see there were alot of monks, lagi best. XD

  3. Aaron Kwok, old uncle already.


    1. i like!! my kinda guy!!! lollllllllllll

    2. Hmmm.."old uncle"...so familiar...

  4. what a sexy pic kan ......so brown and tan