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Sunday, January 8, 2012

where is my candle!??!

it was 2 in the afternoon and i was walking back to my rumah from town buying groceries..

buka jer pintu my housemate look at me: no electric la...


so basically we are screwed..

we cant do anything at all..

we called our agent telling him that we received some notice about our bills not paid and everything shit and stuffs ask them to gao dim la cos those are done by them not us..

later that our phones one by one died...

haha... at one time my kawan scream from the toilet.. we all went down and see what happen and apparently the water level rose till nearly overflow out the toilet cos the suction pressure of the shitwaterhole is powered by electricity so basically we cant shit or pee... hahahahaha...

its almost 4 and the sky is turning dark and we are like panicking so ok we said to each other to go to the library to wait la and study there since it opens 24 hours so we packed everything and waited at the living room...

pas tu it was 4 and i baru teringat i got my ben's n jerry's in the freezer.. takut ia tak tahan kepanasan so i said: ok jom makan it la before it melts...( so blonde tak ingat its so cold here it wont melt that fast )

so we had ben's and jerrys in the almost dark living room.. haha.. it was kinda awesome la dono macam exciting.. its only like 2.20 here so = RM11 unlike the ones in msia that cost rm30.. cibai.. 2 tubs habis in a matter of minutes.. lol..

after finishing the icecream we took our bagasi and off we go to the library..

half way through down the next block we then heard lots of alarms went crazy and thinks its from our street so we ran back to see our living room alight from the outside..


seems like the whole street was out of power not only our rumah but the thing is we dint notice it at all cos usually the ang mohs dont on their lights pun.. lol.. our streets are usually dark all the time so it doesnt make a difference.. haha.. and once power was restored so ngam maybe all the alarms were reseted or some shit la..

so basically candle is needed for emergency when there is no electricity especially in the winter when the sun only is there for one third of the day...



  1. haha..good luck in finding candle suitable for blackout..only managed to find the one they used for cake in melbourne..lolx =P

  2. Oh good God! That's like some kinda nightmare!

  3. Buy replacement ice cream?.. haha!

  4. get a torchlight la hahaha!!! :D

  5. tuls~~~~ :) thanks for the advice and everything... dunno where to write this particular comment at... >< anyway.... thank you so much. ^^ hugs~~~ xoxo...

  6. Emmmm candles are also good for romantic moments haha :P

  7. Wasted la the ice-cream LOL!!!!

  8. Fuuh toilet bowl powered by electricity. That's bad. Life without electricity is bad enough let alone being unable to shit or pee

  9. haha, Imagine if you drive home, can't open the garage because no power

  10. anwar dah bebas , bila pula aku akan bebas daripada cengkaman cinta engkau!

  11. @soul232 ~ lol... shit... will go cari... my ulu kapit place should have la.. lol

    @savante ~ more like elm street shit... cos my street name is also called elm street! lol

    @CK ~ those people not that good one... sluts...

    @akaMike ~ will die soon ma.. at least candle can last longer...

    @danny ~ muacks! :)

    @jboy ~ hm... good point there!! :) hihi..

    @kankan ~ now i also realize... babi bitches...

    @rotiboy ~ kan!!!! benci!!

    @malimo ~ lol... kan bagus if ada bicycle.. hahahahah..

    @ooi2009 ~ no berak = no sex...

    @ooi2009 ~ cintaku bukan di atas kertas... thanks..