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t u l s

Monday, January 9, 2012

tuls no more good housemate!!

its just so gay to be good you know.. like i sometimes cook for the whole house without asking them to pay me a single penny..

sometimes i make curry, sometimes i make soup..


whenever im going to town i would ask everyone of them whether they need anything from there so i could just buy it on the way...

then that day the ben's and jerry's stuff...


so today i had late lunch was like ate till 3 and then after washing up i went up to my room la do assignments as usual...

downstairs got some commotion but whatever la none of my business..

then later there was a knock on my door.. tuls, can i borrow one of your garlic? oh ok.. take la take...

then 30 mins later i went down and saw them making a pot of bak kut teh and i was like in my heart ok, selfish little bitches..

i went to the kitchen to refill my tumbler and acted surprise like: oh, youre doing bak kut teh! i want i want i want!!

thick-skinned me just said that out of nowhere and they look at each other and... oh.. ok ok.. sure got extra one..

then ok lor.. i just smile and say YAY.. but in my heart i was like fuck you bitches...

so i went up and apparently they ate everything and left whtever they cant finish for me which is a good thing because it was a huge lot...

those bitches dint even boil rice for me...


im just so happy now that i know..

im not even gonna ask how much is my share... im so not gonna pay and act stupid and after this no more mr nice guy.. a walk to town takes 15 mins and to carry groceries and walk 15 mins back makes the distance as though doubled cos sometimes the groceries are bloody heavy..

so yea.. im gonna act all nice and yay so happy and gay in front of them but im not that nice anymore..

call me two face!!

i know i am..



go to hell bitches...

ps bak kut teh = a herbal chinese soup brewed with pork and sometimes mushroom and chinese leaf..


  1. Typical bitches... Tak payah help them dy..

  2. Is that you ? How come you look so buff ?

  3. Oh well, bitch, what u xpect from them...

    and I like chen xing comment :P lolx

  4. haha. i am too facing the similar housemates scenario recently .

    fuck them, i am going to move. yeah, i am happy i am gay.

  5. Living with girls ain't easy.. because they tend to be very calculative and self centered.
    And some of these bitches think that ALL guys need to be nice to them, manja them, and treat them like princesses..

    Btw your description of BKT is so funny... what's chinese leaf hahahahaha? :P

  6. bitches huh? well, they exist everywhere. and, i know a bastard who acts like a bitch. but hey, this is life. you'd come across many more of them. :)

  7. ask them to go fuck themselves la.

  8. yay sama sama! XD But poor you, felt like kena used kao kao right? :(

    I've stopped layan-ing the two white biatches in my flat ever since the last incident that I mentioned. And found a house to move into for next year! wheeee!!!

  9. fair enough if you don't feel like being Mr. nice anymore hehe :)

    but know what? i'd say just be nice whenever you have the opportunity :) I always believe if we are nice to others, somehow, most of the time people will be nice to us. Just my view la ;)

  10. That is not not good. Its just normal.

  11. Well, my dear.... people always say, be nice unconditionally.... they maybe right IF, when u pinch ur arm, u dun feel pain, and when u poke a needle into ur finger there is no blood coming out. So my advice is.. since u are away from home.... and those bitches aint ur momma, be nice conditionally...be nice... but not too nice.... (well except toward those kekawan yang memang sehati sejiwa like from leeds or liverpool or edinburg) hahahaha

  12. tuls , u memang jahat , i knew all the while , but i like jahat pple on bed with me .,.

    and is that u in the last pic , ur nen nen so big la

  13. in ur last post , engkau cuba nak cakap bm ?! tolonglah , spm bm dapat berapa?! aku dapat B3 !

  14. i walked fucking 11-km to get groceries and my housemates finished my lemonade and orange juice in 2 days...and better still they all have cars..

  15. i also kena like that during my first year in oz.. worst still i gaduh with my housemates, suddenly all of my batchmates shunned me.. from then i learn not to be too nice lah..

  16. @ck ~ yalah! pei!!

    @CX ~ thats not me la obviously!! i where got such big nice body... lol

    @soul232 ~ they are moulded into bitches.. that i hate.. and you see small me cannot get nice body!!!???? benciiiiiiiiiiiii!! lol

    @brainy~ good stuffs... cb f them!!

    @jboy ~ oh.. lol.. serious meh???!? the pasar here they sell "chinese leaf", the one you put in the bak kut teh one la the leaf like white-ish yellow one.. lol...

    @kevin ~ are you one of them?!?! lol

    @tempus ~ hahahhaah... i like!!! :)

    @kankan ~ yalor!! im moving next year jugak!!!

    @akaMike ~ yes shifu, i will follow your orders.. :)

    @anony1mous1 ~ :)

    @ooi2009 ~ its not my nen nen!! and fuck you my spm i got B3 jugak babi kau!! lol

    @lazy ~ aiyor......... poor thing you.. *sek sek on forehead*

    @afeehoneyful ~ *hugs*.. sama nasib... lol

  17. @whizkid ~ oops terlupa yours.. too wise liao but yes, the good in me is too powerful to be that bad.. hahahaha.. but yea.. will not be too kind!! *hugs* and of course the power couple i will layan the best!! :)

  18. ooi2009, saya dapat A1 untuk BM SPM saya. Ada hadiah kah berbanding - banding ini?

  19. Aiseh, living with housemates is always like that... They may be bitches and all but it could also be something you've done unconsciously to them in the past that makes them do that to you - you never knew.
    When you finally decide that you can't stand them anymore and move somewhere else to live with new housemates, that's the time you realise that your previous housemates are still better. Sure there's a lot to go through living with others but that's just life.. somehow we need to live with it. Do whatever you feel happy and comfortable in your conscience and minimise what irritates you.

    1. wah... i never thought of that lor.. maybe hor.. true also.. but next year im moving out into a another rumah with all my besties.. they may or may not be better housemates than the ones now but oh well.. i cant really choose much cant i.. haha... muacks you rotiboy!! :) xoxo