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t u l s

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

why got no award for gay blogs one!!???

really what..

they have the nuffnang thing la, then music got music awards la, tv la, film la...

we also create one la..

and the categories will be like..


1. Most followers in a blog award - eric lor...
2. Most post in a blog award - eric lor...
3. Most drooling pictures in a blog award - simon lor..
4. Most dramatic blog award - i claim this.. lol
5. Most comment in a blog post award - i claim this again.. lol
6. Most mysterious blogger award - lil dove la.. he WAS mysterious.. no one knows how he look like or some shit.. but now even mysterious cos dono where he went liao.. Lil dove, you there?!?!?! knock knock!!
7. Blog of the year award - i shamelessly ambik.. *raise eyebrows twice*
8. Blogpost of the year award - this one... cannot decide...
9. Power couple of the year award - give to Jason and Vincent la, they work very hard for it liao.. lol..
10. Blog that you wont read award - shall not name it..
11. Best photography in a blog award - malimo :)
12. Most avid commenter award - nah ooi2009 for you la happy!?!?
13. Most annoying commenter award - this one also for you you unracist bitch..
14. Blogger(gay) of the year award - i will shamelessly claim this again.. will even fight for it.. lol
15. Blogger(bi) of the year award - whoever wants it take it ... i dont approve this award.. lollllll
16. Favourite new blogger of the year award - erm.. erm.. erm.. since im still new i take also la.. *shamelessly*
17. OMG that blog is still alive award - hahahahahah... *secret*
18. Lifetime achievement blog award - give to eric :)
19. Blogger that you most want to meet award - of course me la.. who else.. *look into mirror and nod with confident, with clenched fist in front of face doing the "yeh" post while lowering and lifting the fist*

i know, thats so gay... lol



ok i felt a few slaps!!


but seriously!!?!?

no TONY, no AMA, no Grammys?!?!

maybe i should just start one TULS AWARD kinda thing huh?!!?!

and the category will be like

  1. blogger that you want to sleep with most - ****
  2. blogger that you think is too hot - ****
  3. sluttiest blogger - ****
  4. toppest blogger - ****
  5. bottomest blogger - ******
  6. trans blogger - lol
  7. blogger with biggest dick - ****
  8. hairy dilf blogger - *******
  9. bearest blogger - *******
  10. twinkiest blogger - ****
  11. blogger that improves the most in terms of body size and shape..!?!?!? - ****


siao kia...

thats what happen when youre too sleepy.. think of all the nonsense...


if want to do also i think eric should do it, cos his viewers are like the most.. and like he has a strong fan/follower base.. should have lots of blogs that wants to take part kan?!?!?! *raise hand : me me me me*



  1. i think you must be very very very sleept... XD

  2. hahahahah!!! so funny la you :D And OMGOSH the trophy!!! wujud ga such trophy???

  3. Okay, i prefer the 1st part compare to 2nd part award :P but why 2nd part all can spell ur name as well since only got 4 * most of it?? ^_^

    Btw, nice trophy..want one, boleh? xD

  4. i think u shud win all the post hubby ...
    and btw kenapa kau tak reply comment babi ?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. btw , did u see my comments on jasons and whizkids post , i mengumpat pasal u there lor

  7. I have actually thought of creating Blog Awards for gay blogs long time ago.

  8. waaa xiexie I won one award yayyy....,
    ooi2009 you got two awards lo... envy...
    tuls I like first part better le

  9. Hahah, all also you take.

    Then we see no point in continue to blog anymore.


  10. Wa~~~ I got 1/2 award!!! *floats around*
    But actually you do deserve most awards here, except for the new comer one since your blog older than a year Liao lol

  11. hahahahahaha that award pic is awesome lah!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. i suddenly nak quit blogging dah! kenapa you win all awards!

    @alex: you win food porn blog award

  14. i seriously LOL-ed while reading through this hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
    congratulationssss tuls for tuls awards. XD :P :P :P

  15. I have one more to suggest: the most rojak language award...tuls...LOLz. damn the painkillers

  16. ryan: *coughs coughs*... legend tak bagi award cannot simply take de >_<! nanti kena sambar petir lol!

  17. Thanks tuls! Perhaps you can considering appearing in my blog? Tsk,tsk,tsk!! I'm sure you'll be a fan favourite!

  18. why does eric get the awards for the best ? is his free , promiscuous lifestyle what u deem good ? isnt being gay abt doing good things and leading a normal healthy lifestyle ? Unlike eric (that just had a blog post abt free sex in korea ), you can perhaps admire pple like Peace or maybe calvin. You know what eric is , if u ask me, he is no worse than a prostitute . aNd im not judging prostitutes , so i mean that in a positive way

  19. @danny ~ babi!! hahahahaha.. ok la.. maybe la.. i just woke up from a 11 hours sleep.. i know... damn tired weh...

    @akaMike ~ sankyou!! :) wujud ke tak such trophy i tak tau tapi inila yang muncul after i google it!! :)

    @soul232 ~ hahahaha... there isnt any of TULS in the 4 * in the second part la.. hahahaha... they are other bloggers name :) and that trophy i let you touch cukup, if give you mine then how wor, i nak display jugak kan...lol

    @ooi2009 ~ hubby my ass! lol... hahahaha.. why you wanna spoil my market you b****?! go an find someone else.. hahahaah... and i did reply your message and i dont care what you wrote on other peoples blog! lol...

    @calvin ~ merealisasikan preaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :)

    @tempus ~ i know kan!! its so fun sometimes!!! :)

    @malimo ~ alah i was just joking nia the whole post. hahahahaha.. and memang la i nearly bang your pictures when i nampak leh... you say leh win or not!! :) hahaha...

    @CX ~ oi!! i was just joking la brother!!! :) the whole post is just a rant hahahaha... *hugs* you got the I AM STILL VIRGIN BLOGGER AWARD..

    @vincent ~ hahahaha... what the hell... no la.. told you was just bored and sleepy.. simply nia.. hahahahaha...

    @jboy ~ i know kan!! oh.. you ada one award!! FUTURISTIC SLUT AWARD!! :) HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    @alex ~ you jugak ada award ~ THE NAKED GAY CHEF AWARD!! :)


    @kankan ~ you dont need an award my dear cos youre already an award to me :)

    @simonlover ~ hahahahaha... i would love to but maybe after i transform miraculously !! :) thanks for the offer de!! i will ingat in my brain forever!!! :) muacks!! :)

    @zhenyu27 ~ long time no see!! well first of all everyone has their own opinion la.. and secondly i did this out of boredom so chill la.. everyone blogs about their own life ma.. you blog what you like, i blog what i like, you dont kacau me, i dont kacau you.. so what if he talks about sex in korea!?!?!?! hahaha.. i used to have sex with lots of people too!! ahahahaha.. ok la, then i dont need to win anything then... chill la babe.. dont read his blog then if you so ketak-tahanan him!! hahaah.. read my blog cukup... boost my readership! LOLLLLLLLLLL!! *shake zhenyu's shoulder left and right hard hard*

    OI!! no point judging other people la.. im gay youre gay.. same same nia.. we chose what we wanna absorb in while reading other peoples blog.. if its negative and we know the consequences then we wont do it la.. *hands long island to zhenyu* i drink half you drink half ok!! lol.. if finish one whole thing i will gg!! hahahaha... see you soon!!! :)

  20. @kevin ~ i missed our yours this time!! lol.. asyik miss seorang jer everytime! hhahahaha.. and the most rojak language arr!?!?! good lor at least i got one more award! muahahahahha.... everyone staring at me liao la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Replies
    1. i was just talking bout you... like where have you been all these while kinda thing!!! i miss you!!! although i have no idea who the hell are you but yea!! i miss you!!!!!!!!!! anyway, should be a reason why you dint blog for so long but whatever it is, hope youre doing great la!! you are missed!! :) *hugs* happy new year sayang!! :)

  22. The reason I am still here is because I want to read my fave bloggie, "i was a tuls..." happy new year!

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