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Friday, January 20, 2012

the flirting game...

ok la.. this time around will do a review on The Rainbow In Me boy's No You Didn't!

"So you got to know a guy, and you guys chatted for quite sometime.

It's like everyday.

Dusk till dawn, whenever there's nothing to do, you all will begin to text each other. Replies might be slow, you got anxious. Sometimes it's just a hour-to-hour updates, I am missing you and what you had for lunch/dinner.

Awww...so sweet.

Are you giving your love away too fast ?

2 weeks went on.

Of course in between, there were flirtatious text messages being thrown into the get-to-know-you session. It's like sex, without physical contact. You got all hyped up and erotic.

Suddenly, he sent over his naked picture.

To be precise, picture focusing at his tool.

Oh my, what to do, how to react ? We haven't even go out on a date.

Is he in just for sex, or in for real ?"
im really not a good analyzer..

i suck at all this shit but here is giving a shot at it see ngam or not.. so there are a few persoalans in this case..

1. If he is in just for sex, he could have just ask you for it, lead a short talk and then sent his dick to you on the first day itself, why after 2 3 weeks?

2. The whole get-to-know-you period lasted for about 2 3 weeks.. not bad wert.. doesnt seem like a fling thing.. of course la to what extend we tak tau la.. if he wanna bed you why wanna try to know you?

3. But the dick pic came up in the end, so does it mean that all the get-to-know-period is just to slightly get the other party's attention and focus thinking that he might be the one so that he could fling with him easier?

4. Or is the dick pic just in for a tease like normal couples do? so its harmless?

What would you do if you were him?

There will definitely be "attraction at first sight" one surely.. (someone said this before i forgotten who.. shit.. if youre the one please tell me then i will give you credit, muacks)...

the superficial photoshopped picture on facebook/grindr/axcest etc wah that one surely see liao the air liur 3 feet i tell you.. dono the pic was how many years ago one ada yang.. siao..

but we are humans, will tend to hook on to things that are pleasant to the eye(individual taste)..

so you start la to get interested at that person.. slowly get to know him.. cos belum meet ma so the expectation is there!! the ooomph is there!! everything about the guy you saw online/onphone whatever is perfect!!

but sometimes, after the first meet you will never see him again..

if lucky then... hehe.. the rest is history la...

i think usually these kinda thing cannot guess wan lor..

CX arr..

my humble opinion hor, is that you go out for a date la.. since youre single and available and nothing to lose.. just continue nia.. no harm doing.. if dont try you wont know also..

the choice of slutting after thinking that he might not be the one is up to you la.. that one personal preference and judgement.. but also vice versa la.. he might not want to fling you.. lol..

mm.. ok la..

finish analysis, data interpretation and discussion..

no SPSS thanks...



  1. "attraction at first sight" - akaMike said one lol!!!

    1. yay!!! i was trying to look for the blog post that you commented that but couldnt find! :) hahaha.. oh well!! muacks muacks!!

  2. Thought you were flirting with CX pula.. haha! Thin ling between lust and love.. Must make everything clear.. ><!

    1. flirting with him?!?! ewwww!! we are soul sisters la.. can plain flirt la but wont get attracted de CK! hahaahaha...

  3. What u set in ur mind when u go out to make contact determine the rest of the relationship ^_^

    1. true true.. then it must be both parties wanting a relationship instead of flinging only a relationship would work then.. but if only one party does, can the other one slowly convert his mind set along the way!?!

    2. depend la..if the 'flinging' partner start to have feeling as well, all should be well =D so the partner must be very good in ambik hati lo..haha xD

  4. tuls , i mean , hubby ,.is chen xing hot ? i always flirt with him but he tak nak reply

    1. dah dah dah.. dah reply kat blog post sebelum ni, nah gi tengok!!!

  5. Hahaha, my portrait is in displayed "big" in this entry.

    Well, anyway..somehow after this week, I am like all "hard-to get" with this guy. Tuls, if you can still recall, there was once a guy chatted for about 3 months then only proceeded with the bed-thingy.

    I really don't know. But am good.


    1. Chen Xing.. it's just fling.. trust me.. i been through that like just... a month ago.. -_-"

    2. muacks!! just.... *hugs*...

  6. i ingat you tengah cakap pasai i sebab i x bagi tau you pun! :|

    but anyway... good one... :)

    1. muacks!! of course!! if its not good, it wont be up! lol!! omg perasannyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! lol.. i will cakap pasal you when ada isu yang hangat ok!!

    2. jangan la... T.T i sedih tau???

    3. ok ok... then i wont cakap pasal you.. chill chil.. muacks!! happy cny!!