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t u l s

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

i snore like a cow...

ok seriously i have no idea i snore so badly..

jason says like as though i was suffocating..


i mean, yea bubu told me that i snore before but i dint know it was that bad until i heard my own snore..

some genius recorded my snore when i was sleeping in London.. hahaha...

now they can use it to blackmail me..

my never so embarrassing side surfaced omgoshhhhhh...

my reputation is gone!!!! (what repu?!! cheh!!)

anyway... im not the only who snored lo ok.. i got ear witnesses..

i dowana be like kenny sia go singapura and correct his nose thing and now he doesnt snore anymore.. lol.. he more towards if-dont-correct-will-die kinda situation, mine minor la i guess..

SO, do you snorE?! did it wake your partner up?! lol :)



  1. gah, my ex snores so loud, but after a week I got used to it and can sleep as no tremor happening around me, but partly I work it out to adjust his posture with my hands when sleeping in order to reduce the snore

  2. hahaha cow!!

    and you snore lightly right? I heard you snore that time you stayed over at my place.

    I snore as well. but the moment I start snoring, I somehow wake up ><

  3. ahahaha!!! I didn't know cows snore! :P I do snore - but don't know how loud or irritating.

  4. I don't snore when I am asleep. It's not classy.


  5. i think i snore... o.o" or maybe not. -___-"

  6. i snore, quite badly. And might even have sleep apnoea (intermittent abnormal pauses in breathing) like my dad, which i suspected.

    Haha, it can be minor or major, all depends on individual. I was considering the minor surgery to correct it after I have earned enough money. XD

  7. I reckon I was the other one after that haha! Luckily no recordings.

  8. I don't snore, I think. But there was once when I was onboard a plane from HKG-MEL and the guy next to me was snoring like a pig (honestly he was) all the way. Too bad it was a full flight ans I swear I was temporarily deaf from the snoring :S

  9. @malimo ~ i asks whoever who sleeps with me to push me sideways if i tersnore and terwoke them.. lol... usually facing up only snore i think... haha..

    @aiden ~ i think its quite bad la from what i heard.. hm.. maybe too tired..

    @akamike ~ erm.. i dont think they do.. lol... ask your future ahem to record lor.. lol

    @CX ~ sei queen ah!! *slap*

    @danny ~ erm... thinking no use one.. i also thought that i dont snore but mana tau now got recording.. cilaka.. hahahaha...

    @kankan ~ ok.. i want to correct my gigi too!! if got money la.. hahaha..

    @shnL ~ cibai.. next time i record!

    @ooi2009 ~ errrrrr... can!

    @kevin ~ you should have just threw a nut in and make him choke or something.. lol

  10. not gigi lah!
    somewhere in your soft palate there. XD

  11. aiyor.. as in i wanna correct my gigi la... not talking about my snore pun!! apa la!! lol... hahahahaha... *hugs*