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t u l s

Friday, January 6, 2012

pre-vacation scare..

late post much but anyway...

the day i left for London to meet up with Jason and rest was the day my house got broken into..

it was just a short span of an hour when all of my housemates and i went to the town to get some stuffs and boomz..

we separated in town and they somehow went home first.. while buying some stuffs to eat on the way i got a phone call..

tuls, our house.. break in...

my heart sunk..

the excitement of winter vacation just vanished at that instant..

i fast paced home..

once reach the door i saw police patrol cars in front..

i open the door to see my housemates crying...

one of them shook her head looking at me..

i dashed up to my room...

it was still locked...

i was still shock that time but yea.. my room was fine...

my friend's passport and stuffs, dslr, lappie and everything else all gone...

the robbers packed everything in pillow cases and went off cos my friend's 2 pillow case were gone from the pillow..

i couldnt stay on long cos my train ride was in a couple of hours time and so i left my house with a sense of shock..

it felt so surreal...

i feel bad for my friends..

after coming back from London everything changed..

we put up extra locks and stuffs..

if i know im gonna leave my room for more than 5 minutes i will lock it eg shower, cooking...

although i know all my housemates for 2 years plus but the house dont seem to be save in our eyes anymore...

we are more observant and paranoid with every little thing that happens around us..

a small squeeeek also we will think 3 think 4...

im moving to another house the next schooling year..

hopefully will find peace in that house la LOL...

but now everything is back to normal la but sometimes i will look out the window and imagine stuffs like: is that person the one? kinda thing.. lol...

but the vacation was a stress free one la..

post-withdrawal still on.. haha..



  1. Oh my, do be careful tuls. My house got set on fire once, but that's another story to tell.

  2. this type of things are so scary. got buy insurance or not? i actually bought insurance to protect my stuffs against theft when i was overseas b4 lol!!! too paranoid d! thank God nothing happened to me, although my few of my friends had their bicycles stolen.

  3. At least no one got hurt..

    And yeah it is likely that the robbers will return to the scene of the crime.. I saw it on CSI haha.. apparently these psychos take satisfaction in reliving the crime after they get away successfully >.<

  4. It sucks to have this happen on ourselves. But on the other hand, you guys should feel fortunate as nobody was harmed. Technically speaking that was a burglary. I was robbed in the streets before (now that's a real robbery with robbers). I was pointed with a cooking knife and with all the struggling I had at that time, all I can say is that I should be glad that I'm still alive.

  5. so many break-ins happened among my friends' recently. :( Back in Malaysia as well, occuring everyday... zzzz...
    This is sickening.

  6. hug tuls,

    stay safe... and be careful when u walking alone in dark alleys/streets, I once got mugged by five guys with knife on my neck after late night working in lab. took me six months to dare myself walking on that alley again.

  7. i pegi operation on thurs ....sayang me!

  8. Shit! How terrifying! Hope everything's okay now. As long as you guys are alright.

  9. im perfectly fine now.. can type this means fine..lol..

    hm.. yup.. luckily everyone still intact.. lol.. but this kinda thing happens everywhere i think.. oh well.. just have to be more cautious of the surroundings lor.. haha..

    paranoid tuls..