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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

virgins : keep it dont lelong..

recently ive met a few real life gay virgins and also a few online..

the mentality of most of them are like as though they are sad that they are still virgins...

like wth!!!

if i was a virgin, i would be so proud... *hand gesture: a wave with 5 fingers pointing out*

to all the virgins out there, dont think youre the last and only virgins left in the community!!

think again!!


up to now, 28% of the vote on the poll to the right states that they are virgins.. the percentage might not reflect the real life scenario but it can give a rough estimation that virgins out there are still abundant..

youre not losing out as a virgin...

once you lose it, youre not gonna get it back..

why do you want to lose it so badly?!?!

youve waited lets say 20 years or 30 years, cant you wait a lil longer?

so what if everyone out there is havin sex and youre not?!?!

so what if they brag about their sex life??!! they might just be lying, they might just do it to boast their self esteem..

so what if they slept with millions of men!?!?!

so what?!!?

its not like you cant!!

you can have 1 fling, 2 flings, 10 flings or you can be a total slut but why should you?!?!

after fling-ing, sometimes you will feel that youre dirty la, thinking that you will get some disease la, feeling jealous la, get addicted la.. all the negative stuffs.. and seriously if you dont do it right, what you feel will eventually eat you up and you will be depress after that..

but its not like you cant have sex.. just make sure its the right one...

if you were to be able to have your first with someone you love and so lucky if he is a virgin as well, both of you could just do it without helmet forever as long you stay monogamous..

thats the best thing that could happen to a couple...

thinking of it makes me jealous..


its not like you cant have it with a non virgin.. nothing wrong.. just make sure its with a helmet, you or him.. and then make sure he gets checked like every 6 months or so..

the decision is in your hands..

you decide what you want to do with your life..



  1. Right on tuls! I waited too till I found somebody that I really love. But I still have half of my virginity left, if you count the back part. Hahaha...

  2. If I'm not a virgin, but I feel like a virgin, what does that make me? XD

  3. @tuls & tom : i think the back part will be returned to virgin after a while :p and I agree with you tuls, decision is yours to make because some guys lost it because got molested.

    @aiden: so are you a virgin or not? it's not how you feel, it's a yes or no :p

  4. @malimo: haha. reading this post makes me wish I was a virgin. but I'm not :P

  5. I still have mine.. haha, Tuls! The "so what" section of this post is quite depressing the more you read it.. haha!

  6. tuls, i couldn't agree more. save it for your lover.

  7. But how do I revirginize myself haha!

  8. Virginity is so over-rated hahahahaha. But I'm only saying it because I already lost mine. This post is kinda like a slap in the face, but I don't regret all the good times I've had so far hahahaha :P

    OMG I'm becoming (or have already become) a slut :O

  9. just be happy (and responsible). virgin or not...

  10. Just like Venus...I cleanse with sea-water.

    Poof, virgin again...


  11. To those who still are, SAVE IT!!!! SAVE IT!!!! *pleading mode* You'll never regret saving it for the one! :)

    To those who are no longer, it's never too late to start anew - if you choose to do so :')

  12. @tom ~ nice!! ahahaha.. counted ok... got such thing one..

    @aiden ~ a perasan virgin la.. duh!!!

    @ooi2009 ~ so what?!! ahahahahha

    @malimo ~ no such thing as return as virgin one leh... you think pokemon? hahahaha.. virgin! return!!! lol...

    @CK ~ aiyor... you thinking too much... please la.. keep it safe.. lock it up ok!!

    @brainy ~ muacks!! :)

    @savante ~ erm.. pray to guan yin ma...??

    @jboy ~ i dont take apprentices ok.. if you are that means youre making me your competitor!! lol... i wont let you go that easily! lolllllllll

    @peace ~ so paceful hor you...

    @cX ~ omgosh.. i want to try!! your sea is china selatan? mine here got artic sea la...

    @akaMike ~ why are you so hyped?!??! hahahaha.. are you one? start anew means apa? means revirginized? lol

  13. i always encourage ppl to keep theirs, but i myself lost mine last year...

    start anew - meaning even though you've lost it, you can start over by choosing to stay celibate till you find mr. right. if that is one's choice la :)

  14. Yea I'm sorta regretted for not watching over mine diligently.
    Kinda ashamed of myself for not able to keep the promise I made to myself.
    But then again, what's lost is lost so no point to feel remorseful about it.. Just try not to lose myself again.