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Thursday, May 12, 2011

hypocrite ? or letting go ?

sometimes you get hurt..

sometimes you get hurt so bad by that one person that you say you will hate him forever..

you go tell the whole world how bad is he, how a bad ass is he to treat you that way bla bla bla..

you swear in your life that you wont wanna have anything to do with him already..

i have that someone in mind now...

i bet everyone does..

but the thing is after awhile.. maybe months or years..

you suddenly met that person back...

and.. you dont feel the hatred anymore..

and maybe(certain cases) you try to befriend him back.. will it work or not thats unsure..

but if you guys really get to work things out...

friends that once thought you guys were enemy, or maybe unfriended him because of what you told them will think that youre a hypocrite?

will they?

so if this cases arise, what should you do?

you just do what you think is right irregardless what others think?

hahaha.. oh well..

just a thought...


  1. i tot the write word is back stab?? Met this type of person.... all the time........

  2. hmm, just let everything goes like normal

  3. Never encountered situations like this before.

    But people do change over time, so if there's a possibility for a friendship to be revived, why not right? The other friends should understand if they know the situation :)

  4. Im still at the phase of wanting to befriend him back.. But the odds of bumping into him is like 1/1000000000. lol..

  5. had this situation all the time.. saddening

  6. I never had such encounters to the point of hating and flaming them. I think the hypocritical point is not the moment you try to get back with the person, but rather the moment you actually said you hated him without understanding what hate really meant.

  7. this happen to me before..
    if the person try to work it out, i will give way...

  8. btw , backstab , not backstep

  9. You all, the word 'backstep' was intentionally written because according to the picture, that person step at the back of the other person. Hahaha!!!

    Well, to answer your question (or else, you would say I only comment on the picture, hahahaha!!!), all it matters is how you see the situation and how you want to deal with it.

    I believe time can soften the hatred and anger and if the other person shows remorse and apologize, why not forgive him? Having one more friend is better than one more enemy, right?

  10. never experienced, kinda hard for me to badmouth a person, haha