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Saturday, May 14, 2011

dumb black!

recently i got in touch with a few new gay bloggers, some old ones, and "some" commentors.. ooi2009

*perasan mode ON*

some of them said that they were inspired by my blog to write and i was like wow! thats cool..

some of them ask me..

are you really lengzai?
what makes you think that? who told you? *perasan*
oh, from the blog, i get the impression from the blog..

from the blog can sense the lengzainess one meh? i blush ok...

hahaha.. i also wanna feel the other party next time liao then.. hahah..

some of them indirectly ask me am i a dumb blonde kinda thing...

can sense de..

when i look at my scalp in the mirror really closely, the hair root is indeed blonde, but after that its dark brown jor.. my grandma's hair is gold, not white, she never dyed it before and she is 78, my dad's is also gold - light brown, so its natural that im turning into one as well.. 

so to answer that, the answer is NO! im not a dumb blonde! im a dumb dark brown ok! *flip hair* but now cos the hair damn thick so its kinda dark, so its dumb black!

*look at nails* *flip hair again*


what is the purpose of a blog anyway.. haha..

to me, i can portray the side of me that i can never do it in front of the public, not that im a two face bitch split personality kinda thing, its just that.. haha.. i can be a blonde here and no one cares! padahal rambutku hitam keunggulan.. 

dont hate me cos im beautiful - keri hilson! muacks!



  1. LOL!! dumb black.. new term to add into my vocabulary.. lol

  2. You need some extensions to flip those hair xD!


  3. nyahahahahaha dumb black.. so WTF! that means i should call myself that too instead of blonde ;)

    And since u like to flip your fair, u should totally do a shampoo ad! I can imagine it already.. Your last line will be 'Rambut yang hitam keunggulan' while you make a side swing and smile! hahahahaha

  4. yes , i was mentioned !give it to me bitch!

  5. quoted ;)
    my hotmail is down. wait until it recovered

  6. i know u are cute...
    that i think...

  7. i don't hate you dear, you are gorgeous, just the way you are. =D

  8. i L.O.L when i read this part coz i'm imagining you doing it:
    *look at nails* *flip hair again*


  9. @alex ~ omgosh!! i love it! hahahaha..

    @Klex ~ thanks for using my tuls-abulary!! :)

    @jboy ~ terima kasih atas sokongan anda yang tidak terhingga! :) see you around! maybe after finals :)

    @ooi2009 ~ hahahaha.. since youre not on my bubu's bitch of the post that often so youre featured here lor.. just a small spot! hope you dont mind! hahahahahaha..

    @brainy smurf ~ no probs :)

    @naughty prince ~ hahahahah.. seriouslyy? you havent met me wor!! hahahaha.. thanks anyway!!

    @Mr D ~ ooooo.. i like that line!! so corny! ahhaaha..

    @ashgodiva ~ no more makan godiva? just godiva? hahahaha... thanks! we blacks are awesome ok! dont think only blondes can do it!!

  10. oklah sayangz! you not my cuppa teh tarik!

    but u lengzai to me lah! [exclusive real life witness!]

  11. hahaha.. dumb slut! *flips hair*

  12. you love flipping too?!! *high 5* :)

  13. ~~i flip my hair back and forth i flip my hair back and forth~~