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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

are gays slutty?

just B3cks asked are gays slutty?

from my previous poll asking are you a slut? 1/3 said YES, 1/3 said GOING TO BE.. hahahahahaha... i mean that cant represent the whole gay population but still..

he too stated that : i cant stand guys who say I LOVE YOU to me everyday but ON and OFF have fun with other guys..

have you encountered guys like that before?

Helix said that 
Males are programmed to spread the seeds (horny every other second and gets turned on more superficially in general). Females are programmed to be selective (conditioned horny). The male will do the mating ritual (showing off) most while female will do the confirming ritual (flirting off and acceptance). So what attributes to slutty and superficial? You see this in both hetero and homo. Just that with gays, you have both male and feminine side in large doses...teehee

Lucifer then added
It's not because we are gays, it's because we are guys.

i mean how true is that..

the thing is there are gays who are not slutty at all(RARE), there are also gays that are so slutty that they cant be tamed not matter how hard they try, and the third type is the type that was slutty but not anymore because he found the one that unSLUTifies himself! 

the view of the society of us gay community is that we are a bunch of all-time horny slutty  whose minds are all about sex sex sex! every guy thinks of sex every 7 second as so they say.. the more they view us that way the more we will fight back, prove that they are wrong, we cant change the view of the society overnight, but we will have to start somewhere sometime some point.. we are no better than what they call us if we dont change.. haha.. what i say might not mean anything but.. yea..

the latest episode of Glee is awesome! :) episode 20 :) my friday song is in it!! wohooooooooooo!! friday friday!!


  1. oh you are wrong, guys think of sex every 7s, gay think of sex every 5s!

  2. ''Guys think of sex every 7s'', this sounds like what Michael said in the 1st episode of QAF

  3. I'm not one. But that doesn't mean I don't have intense sexual energy, it just means I release it without resorting to sluttiness.

  4. mou gai lor.. its the testosterone. slutty or not, all guys are horny no matter who they are. the trigger is THERE.

  5. we are not slutty, we are just...sexual?

  6. i dun think we should blame it on the y chromosomes, its like saying:' hey we r humans so its okay to destroy the environment because we are designed that way.' Or like' we r chinese so we should be cheapskates and shall not help anyone unless there is a profit.'

    its jz wrong.

  7. @PFJ ~ wahahahahaha! what the hell.. gays are guys too for goodness sake! hahahaa..

    @wizard ~ dint watch QAF... heard someone said it before..

    @chinminhuei ~ hahahahahah.. very well then...

    @tempus ~ triggered event! ok:)

    @Mr.D ~ hahahahaha.. good one..

    @vincent ~ hahaha.. the tall ones will have to always look down on the shorter ones? hahahahahaah.. sorry.. i cannot tahan.. terthought of it :) *hugs*

  8. I just updated my blog reader and came across this XD

  9. helix dear! kihihihi.... where have you been? so busy hor... come back blogging terima kasihs! :)