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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dowana PDA = Shy / No Balls / Respect ???

are you the PDA kinda of person?

do you like to show off overwhelming actions with your partner to the society around you?

me leh, i will try my best not to PDA if we are in public spaces or if there are friends around = RESPECT..  .. rolleyes for some of you but whatever.. blek! i know myself cukup! hahahah..

sometimes bubu will think that im not affectionate enough because to the friends around, it wont seem like we are together because i will try to minimize any form of contact, its just me being.. like.. "considerate" to the other party even more if he is single and we are like mushy mushy kinda thing.. hahaha.. that was when i first start to know him last year.. it ticks him off always.. hahahaha.. 

but now he has learn to understand my ground and i understood his as well. he just want a lil assurance maybe just the hand around the waist or something hahahaa... but yea.. its different for us now.. was with another couple the other day and being attached longer than the other team makes us not to lose in respect of closeness.. got such thing wan ar?! hahahahaa.. but if it was me a year ago, i wont agree to do what i did.. hahhaahaha.. no need to disclose.. hahaha...

whenever excessive PDA happens, people will tend to "hey, get a room" you kinda thing but the thing is we dont have a room.. so... whateverla.. *flips hair*

i havent seen him for 2 weeks cos of exam thingy and me being in johor kinda thing, so when we did meet for the first time after 2 weeks in KLPAC for the musical, in front of all his friends and my friends, i kissed him on the lips eyes close :)  haha.. its against my no PDA in public spaces shit but.. hahaha.. whatever la.. being in KLPAC is kinda safe to do whatever you want cos i can feel like more than 50% of people performing/working/attend shows are all LGBT! hahahaha..

wah.. so brave already arr these days. *smile*

of course!! *smirk*

why so brave one?

klpac gay village ma.. so its ok lor.. 


i know he damn happy one that stupid boy... :)


  1. I still can't stand PDA. Especially when I see a young couple getting all squishy and doing baby talk..
    At those instances I feel like rubbing salt into my eyes and blowing my ears out haha!

    But if the couple is comfortable with it, then who's business is it rite! I just need to look somewhere else hahaha :P

  2. i do PDA with lazysmurf in public. i hold his hands

  3. You wanna know why you suddenly kissed him in public? Coz you have not seen him for so long and you missed him like crazy, so now seeing him so near in front of you makes you wanna express your affection so badly that the kissing seems to be like a reflex action from your body.

    Yer! I wanna see also. Hahahaha!!!

  4. wee! sweetlah! very nice la, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, like reading love stories.

  5. thank you everyone :) haha..

    @j-boy ~ we are still young, you are still young.. your prince will come .. believe in it!

    @PFJ and Brainy Smurf ~ public holding hands? hahahah.. sekali sekala sekejap ada la.. not for long! hahahaha..

    @calvin ~ blek!!

    @nicky05 ~ why should i do briyani wor? people got bf de leh! and im not that sui bian ok! hahahahahaha..