t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

diarrhea 3 kali sebelum finals!!

today's paper is thought to be the toughest paper cos of the annual record of highest failing rate.. 

i slept at 5 woke up at 7 and my tummy hurts like fuck 

at 8 i exploded in the mens and again at 10 and again at 1.30..

my paper was at 2..

fuck me!!

i will need to finish 5 essay questions in 3 hours and when i reach the third question the feeling came...

i know im going to exploded but i scolded  my shit i say: you fucking go in and let me finish this shit

and so guai, it went in.. 

i think i know why.. cos this morning at 8 i release the mother dragon already, but she yai yai(naughty), she went and lahirkan baby dragon.. so baby dragons are usually more guai.. 

im glad the toughest paper is over!!

i think this paper is the easiest among all the previous papers i did..

oh well.. im just glad its over..

ok baby dragons, you can come out now!! :)

the end is near!! i want my freedom!! come to me... grrrrrr!!

oh yea, i just realize this and shit is actually the rearrangement of alphabet! awesome right? *rolleyes*


  1. you and ur dragons xD! Papa dragon leh? how did mama dragon gave birth without a papa? lol

  2. i LOL at you fucking go in partXD

  3. wah... kesian u leh...
    drink more water in the morning.. then 1...2...3... BOOM!! all is out.. *my mom thought me this trick when i was small... but it worked...

  4. Good luck with the rest of your papers!

  5. "cos this morning at 8 i release the mother dragon already, but she yai yai(naughty), she went and lahirkan baby dragon.. so baby dragons are usually more guai.."
    This line is super epic hahahahahaha!!

    And it sucks to feel unwell during exam. Last sem halfway through a paper I had gastric acid reflux which made me really sick, so I had to concentrate very hard to not puke on the paper and I couldn't really answer the essays as well.. But still scored well in the end lah hehe :P

  6. haha so funny larr you tuls!

  7. i like u put thing situation in to so dramatic one..
    hope no descendant still inside...

  8. Eww... "it went in"

    the hairs on the back of my neck just erected...


  9. @alex ~ dragons are mystical creatures! :) they can self conceive de! :) hahahahaha.. and they will sing: I DONT NEED A MAN - PCD :)

    @ash godiva ~ thanks! hahahahah..

    @ooi2009 ~ thanks too! hahahaha..

    @sean ~ hahaha.. erm.. diarrhea la sayang.. i cant control the peristaltic movement of my bowel anyway! :)

    @chaiminhuei ~ terima kasihs!! :)

    @jboy ~ hehe.. i think me too! hahahahah... so perasan! hahahah..

    @advocate ~ i miss you advocate boy!!

    @delusion ~ XD

    @naughty prince ~ ei.. got decendant la.. last night lahir grandchildren too.. they will grow up exponentially then tomorrow will come out... now still growing!!

    @lucas ~ HAHAHAHAHAHAH! its a fight and flight mechanism thing.. the body knows this dragon will make me fail my paper.. so he shuts the dungeon!! grrr ROAR!!

  10. heh... in more scientific term, this is called anxiety diarrhea, in simple asian lingo - kancheong shit! ha!

    glad your toughest papers are over. best wishes for the rest!