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t u l s

Saturday, May 7, 2011

what size is appropriate for you bottoms?

bottoms or versatile bottoms,

i bet most of you tried a few talents up your asses before :)

so whats the average size of a normal penis for malaysians? haha... normal is subjective.. and its determine by our genes no? you have good genes then boom your kukujiao is big!! if not then.... erm... you can work on your skills lor.. *rolleyes*... anyway..

whats the size that you can tolerate?

do you prefer long ones?

or you like shorter ones?

or do you prefer thick ones? i know PLUBOY can tolerate thick ones but not too long! kihihi.. sisters ma... blek!

straight or curvy?

myself, i like straight ones.. curvy ones are kinda like erm.. have to adjust adjust.. leceh.. hahahaha.. cannot be thin lor, and at least a 5 if not no feel.. hahahhaha... 


  1. Hahahaha the pic is so funny! The porn one!!!! So exaggerated but also kinda true!! XD

    Hmmm sometimes i wonder what is the average size for malaysians too..

  2. As long as there's a dick, I am happy already.


  3. of cause.... you don't want to sleep off while having sex

  4. Some porn actors have 7-inch also. Ahem... ahem...

  5. Ash Godiva said...

    i had been with a 7 incher before...he's arab mix...it's so nice and energetic!!

    p/s:i'm pure versatile

  6. From here we may infer Bubu's.

  7. macam termometer terbalik....heheh

  8. @j-boy ~ thanks! :) hahahaha.. but to me i think its all in the genes lor..

    @CX ~ wah... got or not wor.. tipu de! hahahhaah.. you power bottom you dont care about size? hahahaha..

    @ooi2009 ~ i waited for you the whole night last night! hahaha.. oh well.. erm.. tomorrow finals.. i will see you maybe tuesday?

    @lionfever ~ i thought so too! hahahaha... woo... wait, have you tried it yet? you look so underage! hahahahaah...

    @calvin ~ yea la.. i mean, its figurative mah.. hahaha... blek... interracial!! hotness! muahahaha!!

    @ash godiva ~ hahahaha... had? no more? oh... poor thing... hahaha... should find him back :)

    @delusion ~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    @naughty prince ~ :)

    @deicidal ~ ooo.. you pun rase cam tu :)

    @Ċòŗαzōn Râsġadǿ™ ~ sorry kalau tercucuk bocor your eardrum! :)

  9. a worst question a top can expect to hear from a bottom during sex is... "is it in yet?"


  10. @lionfever ~ hahahahaha! so cute! sorry!! youre a baby fish! hahahaha..

    @peace ~ hahahahaha.. i kena before but i dint like kutuk lor.. i was faking it! hahahahhaha